Implementing a career day

Implementing a career day

My passions and interests lie in so many different subjects and professions, this uncertainty scares me.

When I think about what job I want to have, I get flustered. There are endless possibilities of what my career might be, and I am fortunate that I have so many choices and opportunities as a potential career path, but I need some direction.

Granted, I have some vague ideas, but I don’t know the preparation needed to enter specific fields of work. I know that I am interested in journalism, history and art. However, I also know that I want to learn more about engineering, astronomy and the potential career options in those professions. I want to know the factors required to design a bridge, or how NASA captures and analyzes space images.

I have many passions and interests, but I am also still young enough to be open to new possibilities and career paths. Right now, as a high school student, is the time when I need to be exposed to career options for the future. This is exactly why there is such a great need for a career day in the High School.

The current career day in Grade 8 is a perfect way for students to learn about what interests them and the career paths they could take. Learning about how to become a blues musician and the struggles of promoting your music opened my eyes to the music industry in middle school. However, at that age, I wasn’t fully prepared to make the most out of that experience and analyze all of the information being presented to me.

This career day needs to be replicated in the High School, where it would prove more effective as students are older and have a better sense of their interests.

The day would consist of parents and other adults in the community coming in to discuss their professions. Students would have the opportunity to attend multiple sessions and learn about the different paths within the field of work.

Being able to ask questions and learn about a profession that you have interest in is a valuable experience. I want to learn the ins’ and outs’ of what goes on in a newsroom, or the planning that is taken into consideration with the Cross Rails project, and to then be able to compare that information side by side.

Similarly, being able to learn about careers I had never considered before is pragmatic because it will broaden my horizons.

Having a career day would shed light on possible paths that students can take. This would add clarity to what areas of study students might focus on in college, as well as what potential line of work the student might be interested in.

Understanding what is necessary to obtain a job in a specific profession is imperative to being successful. Learning the factors that apply to careers early on in our lives will help us gauge a better understanding of what is required from us.

We have parents that work in professions ranging from banking to fashion and politics. Our parent body is made up of every possible profession that I can think of; they have had incredible experiences and have learned many valuable lessons. It would be foolish if we didn’t ask them to share their wisdom and advice with us. We have unbelievable resources at our fingertips that we aren’t taking advantage of.

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