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Report: 127 dead as terrorist attack continues in Paris

**Update: French President François Hollande has pinned the attacks on ISIS, official death toll currently at 127**

**Update: Reports coming out of French media say the situations in district eleven and district ten are under control**

**Update: Recent police reports indicate 100 people have been killed in the Bataclan concert hall**

**Update: CNN reports that two gunmen have been killed following a standoff with authorities**

Over 127 dead as a series of terrorist attacks continue to develop in Paris, French media say.

It is believed that gun attacks have taken place at up to seven locations in Paris, including an explosion just outside the Stade de France, where the national soccer teams from France and Germany were playing a friendly soccer match. Reports say the explosion could be heard from within the stadium.

President of France Francois Hollande, who was at the match, was safely evacuated after the first indications of a terrorist attack.

The first sighting of an attack was seen at around 9 p.m. this evening when several Parisians at a café in the 10th arrondissement heard gunshots.

French Civilian Jean-Pierre, who was at one of the cafés when the gunshots were first fired said, in an interview with The Telegraph, The gunmen were first turned away from the restaurant, and then came back and started shooting. There were quite a lot of Americans there. It was horrible. We went out and saw all the dead people lying there, so we came back here.”

Attackers armed with automatic rifles and shotguns also marched into the Bataclan concert venue, which is across the street from the Charlie Hebdo offices, and began taking hostages.

Those who have managed to escape from the Bataclan say that the attackers are executing the hostages and gunshots can be heard from just outside the concert venue.

Rory Mulholland, who was able to escape the Bataclan through an emergency exit said, in an interview with The Telegraph, Three men with Kalashnikovs and wearing flak jackets burst in in the middle of the concert. There were probably around 1,000 people there. They just started spraying bullets. I saw a girl hit right in front of me. There must have been quite a few dead.”

Khari Brandes (’16) finds the situation somewhat eerie. “The fact that this took place on a busy Friday night with an American band playing a concert and the national teams of Germany and France playing [with politicians in attendance] indicates that this was super calculated, eerily so,” he said.

President Hollande has issued a curfew and declared a state of emergency, meaning the French borders will be closed.

President of the United States Barack Obama has also issued a full statement saying “we stand prepared and ready to provide whatever assistance the government and the people of France need to respond.

For many ASL students this attack strikes close to home. “Immediately I wanted to make sure everyone I knew with connections to the city was okay…” Brandes said. “[I’ve] spoken [to] ASL people to make sure their family and friends are okay.”

Sharing his reaction, Brigitte Fink (’16) said “the current terrorist action is terrifying. The dispersed coordinated attacks show the power and ability of IS and similar organizations… Right now, all thoughts are with the people of Paris and one can only hope that the terror of tonight has ended.”

Zack Longboy contributed to reporting. 

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