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Bread and butter pudding


Dear ASL students,

Do you like bread? Do you like butter? Well, you probably don’t just eat those ingredients on their own. However, when you combine them with a rich, creamy custard, you create something beautiful. You create a dish which has the power to both silence and excite a room. This is what occurred when I made it for a dessert at a New Year’s Eve party. I will teach you how to make a room full of people very happy.


8 Slices of white bread (or ? of a panettone bread sliced thinly)

25 grams of butter (but feel free to go over that)

2 tsp cinnamon

350 ml milk

50ml double cream

2 free range eggs

30 grams of granulated sugar

Some powdered sugar

What you need to do:

Butter each slice of bread liberally. Personally, I believe this recipe works better with panettone bread, which can be bought at Bruno’s Deli. However, when I made this recipe I was too lazy to do so myself; instead, I used brioche bread. Start by putting the bread in a baking pan that fits all the bread. Then take a large bowl and beat your eggs and sugar together until they are very pale, about three minutes. Then add warmed cream and milk. Then add your cinnamon. Cover the bread with this mixture and let it sit absorbing the custard for 15 minutes. In the meantime, preheat the oven to 350oF. After the bread has rested, place in the oven for 25-30 minutes, or until you think, “I wanna eat that!” Then plate with some powdered sugar and eat. My one tip for this recipe is to make sure you have made enough custard to fully bathe the bread. If not, you will have a dry bread and butter pudding.

The chef at Bottom O

Andrew Noorani is an aspiring chef who will be taking a gap year to begin his culinary career. Noorani has spent time working in the Terrace restaurant at the Amba Hotel and maintains a culinary Instagram account (@chef.Drew98). He credits his Cordon Bleu trained mother as his inspiration in the kitchen.

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