Security procedure reinforced


Students received an e-mail on February 10 from Director of Student Life James Perry informing them that they would have to use their ID cards to enter and exit the building.

Students have always been expected to use their ID cards, but the rule has not been strictly enforced. Head of Security Barak Favé saw a senior who looked like a full-grown man and  approached a new security guard, confusing the new guard immensely. This interaction triggered a discussion about the necessity for students to use their ID cards  entering and exiting the building during throughout day.

Additionally, using ID cards at the Waverley Place barriers logs students into a system which can tell the security team who is in the building based on who has scanned themselves into the system. However, this system does not monitor students while in school.

Since High School students can leave campus during school hours, this system enables the security team to check whether students are in the building in case of an emergency.

Middle School and Lower School students do not need to use their ID cards because the expectation is that they should always be with a teacher once they arrive to school.

Some students agree with the new policy, encouraged how it aids the security team.  “It helps with security because if you don’t have to use your ID [to get into the school], then anybody can come in,” Michael Konzal (’19) said.

If someone forgets their ID, they are required to put their name onto a computer at Waverley Place Entrance. Punishment will be forced upon students for multiple logs into the computer. The punishment is yet to be determined by Favé and Perry.

Although Loudoun Road was initially closed due to the Paris bombings last year, Favé believes it may open up again as threat levels decrease. However, there are no plans to open Loudoun Road or the time being.

At the moment there isn’t a way to control students coming in and out of the Loudon exit, but Favé hopes the security team can implement some enhancements to make this possible.

One enhancement may be positioning a security guard near Lower School reception, as done previously. The guard would hold onto a device that each student would be obliged to scan their ID card on, subsequently entering them into the system.

Although closing Loudoun Road has been a huge security boost for Favé and his team, he also realizes there are some setbacks that come with it.  “I’d like to open it during the day.  I know the appeal of the arcade and the great food they have at the back,” Favé said.

Rocky Roedy (’20) agrees that Loudoun Road’s closure has not greatly affected his lunchtime. “I like to use the back so I can get home easier at lunch so I can eat,” Roedy said.