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The Standard 2018-2019 Editorial Board

Editor-in-Chief – Ananya Prakash (’19)

Deputy Editor-in-Chief: Print – Phaedra Letrou (’19)

Deputy Editor-in-Chief: Online – Alexandra Gers (’19)

Online Director – Christina Leonard (’19)

Lead News Editor – Sophie Ashley (’19)

News Editor: Print – Lea George (’21)

News Editor: Online – Jon Novak (’20)

Opinions – Jonathan Philips (’19)

Lead Features Editor – John Towfighi (’20)

Features Editor – Martha Duff (’19)

Features Editor – Isabelle Lhuilier (’20)

Culture Editor: Print – Naz Ozturk (’19)

Culture Editor: Online – Rohan Haarmann (’20)

Sports Editor: Print – Lily Whitman (’20)

Sports Editor: Online – Michael Flaherty (’20)

Media Director – Quinn Whitman (’19)

Media Editor – Imogen Weiss (’20)

Media Editor – Emily Forgash (’21)

Statement of Ownership
The Standard is the high school student newspaper of The American School in London. It is produced as part of the ASL academic curriculum as well as students’ extracurricular program. All content decisions are made by the students enrolled in the journalism classes according to the value system outlined in the newspaper’s editorial policy. All costs of operating, maintaining and producing the newspaper are fully funded by the school through the High School Administration.

Mission Statement
The Standard staff and adviser are dedicated to creating a collaborative, open forum that cultivates productive dialogue within the School community by publishing exemplary student news media according to the strictest standards of journalistic integrity.

At all times, we seek to find the truth and report it, to report fully, fairly and accurately, and to abide by the Society of Professional Journalists’ Code of Ethics. We have a duty to fairly serve the ASL student body, faculty, staff and greater community as a whole, evincing in no way any bias or favoritism towards any particular interest, individual or group. Final content decisions are the responsibility of the editor-in-chief and editorial board, working in conjunction with the adviser.

Purpose of the newspaper
The purpose of The Standard is to serve its readers in the following ways:
• Fair and accurate reporting of news related but not limited to the school community.
• Issues-driven coverage that aims to explore ideas, themes, concepts, trends and recent developments beyond the campus that are relevant to members of the community.
• Engaging and interesting news, features, opinions, culture and sports content.
• By providing a designated open forum for expression and discussion of ideas relevant to the school community.
• By serving as an advocate for students, student ideas and student causes.
• By furthering the mission statement of the school through enriching content for the community.

The Standard covers news related but not limited to the school community. Issues-driven coverage that aims to explore ideas, themes, concepts, trends and recent developments beyond the campus that are relevant to members of the community is also included.

Comments/Letters to the Editor
The Standard encourages all readers to submit their thoughts through letters to the editor, guest columns, and story ideas. Commenting on online content is also welcomed. All submissions must adhere to the same set of ethical guidelines that all staff content is held to, and will only be published at the discretion of the editorial board and the adviser. The Standard retains the right to edit letters for length and AP/Standard style. All letters and online comments must be signed with first and last name, as well as a valid email address.

The Standard is associated with the National Scholastic Press Association and the Columbia Scholastic Press Association.

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NSPA 2015 Pacemaker Finalist
CSPA Newspaper/Online Hybrid Silver Crown

CSPA Individual awards:
Ankit Mehra (’17), Typography: overall look of the entire website, First Place
Maya Jotwani (’16), Single feature photograph: “Coping with Loss,” Certificate of Merit
Zack Ashley (’15), First person experience: “Why We Memorialize,” Certificate of Merit

CSPA Newspaper/Online Hybrid Silver Crown
NSPA 2014 Pacemaker Award

CSPA Individual awards:
Editorial Page Design Portfolio of Work, third place: Zack Ashley ’15
Photo Illustration, third place: Yarra Elmasry ’16
Photo Illustration, Certificate of Merit: Yarra Elmasry ’16
Personal opinion: Off-campus issues, second place: James Malin ’15
Feature Page Design Portfolio of Work, first place: Nadia Sawiris ’16
News Page Design Portfolio of Work, Certificate of Merit: Charlotte Young ’16

CSPA Newspaper/Online Hybrid Silver Crown
Best of Show, first place: Newspaper Tabloid Category, JEA/NSPA Conference, Boston

CSPA Individual awards:
Personal opinion: Off-campus issues, third place: Gabriel Ruimy ’15
News Writing, Certificate of Merit: Zack Longboy ’16 and Charlotte Young ’16
Sports Commentary, Certificate of Merit: Nikolai Birch ’14
Art/illustration: Hand-drawn, Certificate of Merit: Caroline Tisdale ’14
Computer generated art/illustration, Certificate of Merit: Daniela Al-Saleh ’14 and Hamish Stephenson ’14

CSPA Newspaper Gold Crown
NSPA 2011 Pacemaker Award

CSPA Newspaper Print Gold Crown

Best of show, fourth place: Newspaper Tabloid Category, JEA/NSPA Conference, Kansas City

Home page photos by Olivia Abrams

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