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Affiliations and Awards

The Standard is associated with the National Scholastic Press Association and the Columbia Scholastic Press Association.

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2020 CSPA Crown Finalist

2018 CSPA Silver Crown Award

2018 NSPA Hall of Fame

2018 NSPA Pacemaker Finalist

2018 NSPA Best of Show Ninth Place at Chicago fall convention

2017 NSPA Best of Show First Place at Dallas fall convention

2016 CSPA Silver Crown Award

2015 CSPA Silver Crown Award

2015 NSPA Pacemaker Finalist

2014 CSPA Silver Crown Award

2014 NSPA Pacemaker Award

2013 CSPA Gold Crown Award

2013 NSPA Best of Show First Place at Boston fall convention

2012 CSPA Gold Crown Award

2012 NSPA Pacemaker Finalist

2011 NSPA Pacemaker Award

2011 NSPA Best of Show Sixth Place at Minneapolis fall convention

2010 NSPA Best of Show Fourth Place at Kansas City fall convention

2010 NSPA Pacemaker Finalist

2007 NSPA Pacemaker Finalist

2005 NSPA Pacemaker Finalist