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Students utilize social media platforms as a resource for news information, which can lead to misinformation. Students and faculty reflect on their experiences and opinions consuming media in a variety of ways

News displayed through social media triggers rise of misinformation

Leila Meilman, Reporter February 3, 2023

Several social media platforms display news stories, among other uses. Whether scrolling across Instagram, Tiktok or other platforms, one may come across a news announcement or broadcast. Mallika Kapur...

Nick Kyrgios practices alongside fellow Australian tennis player Jordan Thompson at Roland Garros in 2017. Kyrgios is known for his unorthodox style, and he gained traction after uncharacteristic wins during the 2022 season.

Nick Kyrgios paves new path for professional tennis, challenges elitist nature

Rudi Chamria, Lead Features Editor February 2, 2023

'Imagine this: you are sitting at a Wimbledon final in 1992, watching tennis legends Steffi Graf and Monica Seles play in their crisp white uniforms as the women hit groundstrokes baseline to baseline....

Grades 11 and 12 students engage in sexual consent workshops Jan. 30-31. Speakers from the Talk Consent organization educated students about consent and guided them in discussing possible real-life scenarios.

School holds sexual consent workshops

Nick Zirinis, Lead News Editor February 2, 2023

Students in Grade 11 and 12 attended sexual consent workshops Jan. 30-31. In the workshops, students learned about sexual consent and discussed examples of sexual harassment and assault.  Sydney Dowd...

A professional dancer throws chocolate coins and lettuce into the crowd as he performs the traditional lion dance.

Lunar New Year celebration held after hiatus

Annika Skorski January 31, 2023

The East Asian Culture Club hosted a Lunar New Year Celebration in the cafeteria Jan. 26. The event offered food stalls serving homemade Chinese food and bubble tea as well as hosting student-run activities...

A fire spreads through St. Mark’s Church in St. John’s Wood Jan. 26. The London Fire Brigade responded to the scene at 11 p.m.

Local Victorian church burns down

Clara Martinez and Sophia Bassi January 27, 2023

A fire broke out inside St. Mark’s Church on Hamilton Terrace starting at 11 p.m. Jan. 26, according to Police Constable Luke Leballeur. The cause of the fire is under investigation. Leballeur said...

Recently emerging in the school community, the public gained access to ChatGPT Nov. 30. ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence software to which users input information and receive detailed, human-like responses within seconds.

ChatGPT spurs debate over student, faculty approach to academia

Grace Hamilton, Editor-in-Chief January 27, 2023

Princeton University student Edward Tian recently developed GPTZero, a software detecting the use of ChatGPT technology in written text, according to NPR. This development carries potential implications...

The partition of India and Pakistan displaced millions across the subcontinent Aug. 15, 1947. A mass exodus ensued, relocating many to regions that matched their cultural and religious beliefs.

Indian partition survivors, South Asian community reflects on impact 75 years later

Rahil Punshi, Media Team January 26, 2023

India marks 75 years of becoming a republic Jan. 26. Prior to the partition, India became independent from British rule Aug. 15, 1947, and thus, the region was divided into two countries: India and Pakistan.  Following...

Mexican food is one of the most popular cuisines in the world. In London, a multicultural city, Reporter Galilea Birch offers the best Mexican food in the city.

London offers range of Mexican restaurants

Galilea Birch, Reporter January 24, 2023

London is home to a diverse selection of cuisine, with a variety of Mexican restaurants. Each one is distinct in its flavors and levels of authenticity. Some might prefer a more genuine dining experience,...

An area in Napa flooded in January. The deadly storms, which lasted three weeks, resulted from strong atmospheric rivers and bomb cyclones.

Floods devastate California communities

Sophia Bassi, News Editor: Online January 20, 2023

California has experienced three weeks of deadly flooding after years of drought, according to The Guardian. The storms, which released 24.5 trillion gallons of water across the state, have killed 20 people...

Bolsonaro supporters infiltrate the National Congress by breaking through protective police barriers Jan. 8. The results of the Brazil 2022 presidential elections incited outrage, leading to protests and riots across the country.

Brazilian protests spark conversation around democratic election results

Sophia Bateman and Nassef Sawiris January 20, 2023

Supporters of Brazil’s far-right Former President Jair Bolsonaro protested the inauguration of new President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva in Brasília Jan. 8. Thousands of his supporters invaded Brazil’s...

Principal Devan Ganeshananthan announces his resignation, effective in June. Following the designation of an interim principal for the 2023-2024 school year, appointed Head of School Matthew Horvat will select a principal for the 2024-25 school year.

High School Principal Devan Ganeshananthan announces resignation, effective June

Grace Hamilton, Editor-in-Chief January 19, 2023

Principal Devan Ganeshananthan resigned from his position, effective in June, according to an email sent by Head of School Coreen Hester to the community Jan. 19.  Following the designation of an interim...

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