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2020 Election Special Edition

 In U.S. presidential elections, the Electoral College, composed of electors from each state, decides who becomes president. Voters in each state will vote for president, and each state awards its electoral votes to the winning candidate. However, this system is flawed and can lead to disenfranchisement, as seen in the map above of the 2016 election.

Electoral college infringes upon democracy

Daniel De Beer, Opinions Editor: Online February 2, 2021

The multitude of global issues that have put the world in distress, paired with the U.S.’s international influence, means that countless lives were at stake in the 2020 presidential election. Every U.S....

   Co-Deputy Editor in Chief: Online gives an argument for why each candidate  should get elected.

Arguments to vote for both candidates

Sal Cerrell, Co-Deputy Editor-in-Chief: Online October 30, 2020

As the implications of this election are higher than ever, the Editorial Board is emphasising the importance of paying attention to politics.

Editorial: We must pay attention to politics

Editorial Board October 30, 2020

Politics of today have become increasingly controversial. As debates become more and more polarized, conversations surrounding politics, especially concerning the upcoming election, are becoming harder...

The multicultural background of vice presidential nominee differs heavily from those who came before her.

Bigger than politics: the merit of Harris

Jasmin Taylor, Sports Editor: Online October 30, 2020

It wasn’t until 1965 that Black people in America were granted the right to vote.  Forty three years later, Barack Obama was elected as the first Black President of the U.S. Twelve years later, the...

Unequal coverage of candidates blinds voters

Unequal coverage of candidates blinds voters

Polina Dashevsky, Opinions Editor: Print October 30, 2020

Nothing marks the upcoming presidential election like the sudden resurgence of collective political enthusiasm, which is unfortunately absent the vast majority of time. Since September, my social media...


October 30, 2020

Climate change President Donald Trump’s approach to climate change began with his withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accords in 2017. Trump also focused on expanding gas and oil development in the U.S....


October 30, 2020

Climate change Democratic nominee Joe Biden “knows there is no greater challenge facing our country and our world” than climate change. He plans to transition the U.S. to a 100% clean energy economy...

Voter suppression threatens integrity of election

Voter suppression threatens integrity of election

Elena Alexander, Staff Writer October 30, 2020

President Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden disagree on almost every topic. Whether it is climate change, taxes, the handling of the coronavirus pandemic, healthcare or wearing a mask, it is...

Third party voting gives undeserved influence to candidates who have little to know chance of winning the election.

The facade of third-party protest voting

Sajah Ali, News Editor: Online October 30, 2020

Nov. 3 is fast approaching. Voters will head to the polls grappling with which candidate will be the better choice to lead the U.S. through a myriad of challenges; handling the COVID-19 pandemic, racism...

Inmates should have right to vote

Inmates should have right to vote

Lea George, Deputy Editor in Chief: Print October 30, 2020

The way that the U.S.’s criminal justice system is currently set up is a massive waste of money, time and space, and continues to violate several rights of its inmates. Rather than it being a system...

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