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VIDEO Uggumentary: Students, faculty comment on UGGs’ surge in popularity

Aden Ovenden and Noelle Quintin May 31, 2024

Music from Adobe Premiere Rush and by SoulProdMusic from Pixabay

Customers queue outside Supernova on Peter Street in Soho March 24. The restaurant opened Sept. 29, 2023, and has become very popular.

Supernova brings delicious burgers to London

Melisa Atalay and Maya Gillanders May 20, 2024

The newly viral burger restaurant Supernova has taken over London’s social media. Despite a minimalistic menu of two burger choices and limited side and additive options, the opening of this restaurant...

The Met Gala, a highly anticipated annual fundraising event hosted at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, took place May 6. We got to see how different brands took their attempt at this year’s dress code “The Garden of Time.”

Top 5 Met Gala 2024 looks

Seya Sawiris, Reporter May 13, 2024

The Met Gala, an annual event held on the first Monday of May since 1948, took place May 6. The evening raises funds for the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute in New York City and showcases...

Panzers and Maido, two food stores on the St. Johns Wood High Street, compete for the business of High School students.

Panzers beats Maido as top choice for St. John’s Wood High Street lunch

Charlie Fennelly and Roman Prosperi May 10, 2024

Located just minutes from 1 Waverley Place, St. John's Wood High Street is a very popular spot for students. The street's convenience makes it a go-to destination, especially for those looking for a quick,...

Taylor Swift’s 11th album, “The Tortured Poets Department: The Anthology,” includes a total of 31 tracks. Swift announced this album at the 2024 Grammys Feb. 5, and it was later released April 19.

‘The Tortured Poets Department: The Anthology:’ Swift attracts listeners through skillful show of vulnerability

Ayla Rafiq, Reporter May 8, 2024

Taylor Swift’s latest album, “The Tortured Poet’s Department,” garnered 300 million streams on Spotify in the first 24 hours after its release, surpassing her previous album, “Midnights,” which...

The tennis drama “Challengers,” starring Zendaya, marks her first movie as a lead role. The film debuted April 26 and reached the top of the U.K. box office charts within its first weekend, according to Screen Daily.

“Challengers” showcases passion for tennis on, off court

Isabella Gibson and Ailish Herrmann May 3, 2024

Directed by Luca Guadagnino, “Challengers” is a newly released film starring Zendaya as Tashi Duncan, a promising young tennis star. The movie follows Duncan as she grapples with the expectations of...

Banksy’s mural titled “Balloon Girl” captures a young girl watching her heart-shaped balloon fly away. The piece was originally created in 2002 and, although it is open to interpretation,  most believe it was created to spread a message of hope and innocence.

Graffiti’s association with vandalism proves detrimental to artists

Alexandra Theofilopoulou, Reporter April 29, 2024

The marriage of powerful messaging with bold letters and animated prints can be found on rooftops, city walls and ancient caves. The global graffiti movement finds itself on the streets of London, the...

The horror film Immaculate featured Sydney Sweeney, marking one of her first movies in the horror genre. The film garnered immense popularity, raking in over 12 million dollars worldwide, according to Collider.

‘Immaculate:’ shallow plot hinders horror gem

Zoe Karibian, Media Team April 29, 2024

"Immaculate" is probably too tasteful and elegant to qualify as nunsploitation, which could be a blessing or a curse, depending on your point of view. Directed by Michael Mohan, film star Sydney Sweeney...

In general, Saturdays prove to be one of the Italian restaurant’s busiest days, leaving staff extremely busy. Despite their busy schedule, Rosso’s customer service remained superb.

Review: Enoteca Rosso provides unique, authentic Italian culinary experience

No matter how many times you go, every bite at Rosso is unique. Its emphasis on traditional dishes makes for complex yet delicious flavor profiles. The consistently delicious food makes choosing your lunch...

Swedish supergroup ABBA is one of the most renowned bands in the world. In 2022, the group created ABBA Voyage, a virtual concert displaying the four members as avatars.

ABBA Voyage launches new performance style through holographic technology

Tara Behbehani, Opinions Editor: Online April 11, 2024

After 51 years of the band’s existence, ABBA Voyage began showing in May 2022. ABBA Voyage is a virtual concert by the famous supergroup ABBA and is only available for viewing in London. The concert...

The fashion world delights viewers with its Fall-Winter 2024 collections, available in the coming months for shoppers. A surge of more eccentric looks made the season a memorable one, with several brands reaching virality online.

Reznick’s Runway Rundown: Best of Fall-Winter 2024

Anna Reznick, Lead Culture Editor April 9, 2024

Inflatable plastic boots, ties made of braided hair and gray wigs drew unusual emphasis on accessories this season. With every brand fiending for an “it bag” of the season, a little of the concentration...

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