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The desire religious leaders to continue to hold services amid a pandemic is irresponsible and dangerous.

Social distancing sparks religious concern

Anabelle Fox, Staff Writer June 5, 2020

Over the past couple of months, the coronavirus pandemic has restricted our day to day activities, including our religious pursuits.  Religious communities, including churches, have adjusted their...

Culture Editor: Online Grace Hamilton shares a number of different suggestions for how to spend the summer in London while in lockdown.

What to do during isolation

Grace Hamilton, Culture Editor: Online May 29, 2020

Must-watch Netflix shows Criminal Minds Criminal Minds is a true-crime mystery series that follows a group of FBI agents from the Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) in Quantico, Virginia as they work...

Though the world is in the midst of a global lockdown, social media enables people to unify and support each other in a time of uncertainty.

Social media unites community under lockdown

Grace Hamilton, Culture Editor: Online May 27, 2020

Before the COVID-19 lockdown, social media platforms enabled people to maintain connections with those that they did not see every day by sharing experiences and easily communicating with others. As countries...

After the pandemic resides, countries must properly rebuild their economies.

COVID-19 must result in structural economic, climate reform

Polina Dashevsky, Opinions Editor: Print May 26, 2020

The world’s recovery to normality has a long way to go. However, in the past week, we have witnessed the easing of previously strict lockdown restrictions. On May 10, Boris Johnson made changes to the...

Culture Editor: Online Grace Hamilton shares a number of different suggestions for how to spend the summer in London while in lockdown.

Top 5 activities to do under lockdown

Grace Hamilton, Culture Editor: Online May 22, 2020

Movies and TV shows:  Netflix Party is a must-have Chrome extension that allows Netflix users to enjoy movies and TV shows with friends. This extension not only allows multiple users to watch Netflix...

Companies and industries across the globe have been suffering as a result of COVID-19. Both students and teachers explain the toll the virus has taken on the economy.

COVID-19 impacts economy

Mia George and Ella Podurgiel May 22, 2020

The Coronavirus pandemic has delivered the fastest, deepest economic shock in history,” according to an article by the Guardian published Mar. 25. This article also said that as a result of the spread...

Though distance learning has its challenges, there are also benefits. Opinions Editor: Print Polina Dashevsky highlights the opportunities distance learning has given that she would not have experienced otherwise.

Distance learning grants new opportunities

Polina Dashevsky, Opinions Editor: Print May 18, 2020

Many of us have heard of the Chinese principle of Yin and Yang. In short, the principle seeks to explain how different and contrasting forces are often related. Yin and Yang are illustrated by a popular...

Bottom O stands vacant following the closure of campus March 13. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the senior class will now hold their graduation ceremony virtually.

Administration reveals plan for graduation

Cameron Spurr, Lead News Editor May 14, 2020

The graduation plan for the class of 2020 has been unveiled. There will be a virtual graduation June 6, and the program for the event will be pre-recorded, incorporating a mix of both elements that would...

Prisoners are being released in the U.S. and U.K. in order to protect prison communities from COVID-19. Governments need to take care of how they release prisoners while also speeding up the process to save as many lives as possible.

Release of prisoners due to COVID-19 sparks concern

Polina Dashevsky, Opinions Editor: Print May 14, 2020

Health chiefs, certified scientists, judicial officeholders and politicians across the world are attempting to avert the increased chances of COVID-19 transmissions across penitentiaries by arranging early...

Fans have turned to esports to find some relief as leagues across the world have ground to a halt.   Map used with permission from Wikimedia Commons.

Esports provide solace to fans

Cameron Spurr, Lead News Editor May 13, 2020

For sports fans, not being able to watch live sports has been a huge contributor to our neverending boredom. Before lockdown, if I stayed inside on a Sunday, it was because sports were on TV the entire...

Just as learning must take place remotely, so must the AP exams. Both students and faculty reflect on the new formatting of the exams, and whether or not the change initiates a shift of pressure and mindset.

New format of AP exams shifts mindset

Helen Roth and Polina Dashevsky May 11, 2020

In response to the current COVID-19 pandemic, CollegeBoard has implemented various changes to the format of AP exams. The tests have transitioned away from the two to three hour exams previously taken...

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