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Documentaries are quintessential to a well-rounded film experience, tackling numerous themes – deconstructing the science behind natural disasters, downfalls of the education system, scientific phenomenons. Here are five must-watch documentaries that may deepen one’s perception of the world or simply stimulate diversity of thought.

Top 5 documentaries

Grace Hamilton, Lead Culture Editor
September 10, 2021
With summer weather comes a number of seasonal foods, from popsicles to corn on the cob to grilled vegetables. Here are five recipes perfect for summer.

Top 5 summer recipes

Grace Hamilton, Lead Culture Editor
June 16, 2021
As finals week approaches and workload ramps up, end-of-year stress is undeniable. Here are five ways to reduce stress, increase motivation and persevere through the last stretch of the school year.

Top 5 tips to manage finals week

Grace Hamilton, Lead Culture Editor
June 4, 2021
London is home to a copious selection of lunch restaurants, from classic pubs to casual cafés to fine diners. Whether it be popular classics or more novel game-changers, Lead Culture Editor Grace Hamilton shares must-visit restaurants that provide the quintessential dining experience.

Top 5 lunch restaurants

Grace Hamilton, Lead Culture Editor
May 21, 2021
Netflix, the popular streaming platform, offers a variety of programs from a variety of genres. Whether it be documentaries, comedies or action-adventure, Lead Culture Editor Grace Hamilton shares lesser-known Netflix programs.

Top 5 Netflix must-sees

Grace Hamilton, Lead Culture Editor
May 14, 2021
Whether it be love stories entailing simple picnics in the park or writing poetic love letters, indulging in a rom-com from time to time is the perfect way to destress and have fun. Culture Editor: Online Grace Hamilton shares the best rom-coms of all time.

Top 5 romantic comedies of all time

Grace Hamilton, Culture Editor: Online
April 30, 2021
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