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Reese Laurienti (’23) holds Holi powder used to decorate T-shirts worn by Concert Choir members while recording “Balleilakka” at Canons Park May 4. The choir’s spring concert went live June 6, showcasing “Balleilakka” alongside other parts of their repertoire.

End of year performing arts concerts take place amid COVID-19 restrictions

Gabrielle Meidar, Lead News Editor June 11, 2021

Due to COVID-19 limitations, the choir, orchestra and dance ensembles pre-recorded their annual spring concerts that were later broadcasted on the ASL website June 6, June 10 and June 11, respectively....

As finals week arrives and stress runs high, listening to music can help process difficult emotions and increase motivation. These playlists focus on benefiting productivity and conserving happy feelings while also helping get over mental breakdowns.

Music serves as emotional outlet for students amid finals week

Chase Cerrell, Staff Writer June 8, 2021

As finals week begins, a significant amount of time is dedicated to studying. This uptick in workload may elicit various emotions, whether it be motivation, sadness or stress. Although we may try to remain...

Kleidi Likola (’21), Charlotte Fink (’22) and Danna Rubesh (’22) pose as their characters in the fantasy realm of “Dungeons & Dragons” during a performance June 2. The play had 12 cast members that had been rehearsing for the production since January.

Advanced Acting Play Production class performs “She Kills Monsters” amid COVID-19 restrictions

Clara Martinez, News Editor: Print June 7, 2021

The Advanced Acting Play Production class performed the play “She Kills Monsters” by Qui Nguyen beginning June 2 and ending June 4. The final performance was live-streamed June 4. (Note: only those...

‘Athlete A’ gives a behind the scenes look into the abusive world of gymnastics for young girls.

‘Athlete A’ uncovers abuse in gymnastics world

Vittoria Di Meo, Staff Writer June 7, 2021

When thinking of gymnastics, our minds often envision people soaring through the air, turning elegantly and balancing perfectly on beams. Yet, the documentary “Athlete A” provides a behind-the-scenes...

As finals week approaches and workload ramps up, end-of-year stress is undeniable. Here are five ways to reduce stress, increase motivation and persevere through the last stretch of the school year.

Top 5 tips to manage finals week

Grace Hamilton, Lead Culture Editor June 4, 2021

It is that time of the year again when a good night of sleep becomes rare, stress runs high and motivation levels plummet. In this culmination of the school year, students become inundated with final essays,...

In print issues, Emily Forgash 21 published book reviews with a bookshelf designating other recommendations.

Collection of book reviews: Emily’s bookshelf

Emily Forgash, Editor-in-Chief: Emeritus May 31, 2021

London offers countless tourist attractions that provide the quintessential city experience as a resident. Lead Culture Editor Grace Hamilton shares five tourist attractions to capitalize on all the city has to offer.

Top 5 tourist attractions to visit as a London resident

Grace Hamilton, Lead Culture Editor May 28, 2021

From the London Eye to Buckingham Palace to Big Ben, London offers countless tourist attractions that tend to attract a litany of visitors. Even as a resident, there are numerous sites that are well worth...

Evelyn Bond (’22) organizes her AP Biology notes using colorful subheadings and diagrams. From notetaking to bullet journalling, putting a pen on paper comes in a variety of forms and each serves different purposes.

Journaling serves as outlet for not solely organization, but also creativity

Clara Martinez, News Editor: Print May 26, 2021

Converting thoughts into written words is hardly novel, yet the concept of journaling has gained popularity throughout the last year of lockdowns. With more opportunities to explore artistic variations...

London is home to a copious selection of lunch restaurants, from classic pubs to casual cafés to fine diners. Whether it be popular classics or more novel game-changers, Lead Culture Editor Grace Hamilton shares must-visit restaurants that provide the quintessential dining experience.

Top 5 lunch restaurants

Grace Hamilton, Lead Culture Editor May 21, 2021

London is home to a copious selection of lunch restaurants, whether it be classic pubs, casual cafés or fine diners. Sitting down at a restaurant for lunch is the perfect way to spend time with friends...

Netflix, the popular streaming platform, offers a variety of programs from a variety of genres. Whether it be documentaries, comedies or action-adventure, Lead Culture Editor Grace Hamilton shares lesser-known Netflix programs.

Top 5 Netflix must-sees

Grace Hamilton, Lead Culture Editor May 14, 2021

Netflix offers myriad TV shows and films representing numerous genres. Whether it be comedies, documentaries or action-adventure films, indulging in a Netflix program every once in a while is a necessity.  While...

The ‘obsessed artist’ has become a widely used persona. It has been represented in a variety of movies and shows as well as seen through real-life creatives.

Obsessed artist reveals realistic side to simple movie trope

Vittoria Di Meo, Staff Writer May 11, 2021

Achieving success is any person’s dream, yet few reach these aspirations. Success could be achieving their set goals or winning an award or getting praise for their work. Too often, artistic prodigies...

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