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Members of the community reflect on how characteristics of ASL, among those of other schools, impact students’ learning environment. Social dynamics, diversity, curriculum and student population all topics of discussion that surface when comparing ASL to different school systems.

Students, faculty explore dynamics of different education systems

Eden Leavey and Clara Martinez June 14, 2021

The name American School in London acts as an immediate indicator of the school’s various traits and its role in the community environment. Members of the community consider distinctive characteristics...

Name mispronunciations leave lasting impact on individuals

Zainab Shafqat Adil, Features Editor: Print June 10, 2021

Having one’s name pronounced correctly is incredibly important for some people as names can be representative of one’s culture, heritage, race and overall identity. This makes having one’s name...

The annual youngPOWER conference allows ASL students to interact with those from a variety of London schools, providing them with experiences that influence their futures.

youngPOWER conference leaves lasting impact on participants

Sophia Bassi, Staff Writer June 4, 2021

For many students, the experience of attending the youngPOWER conference has exposed them to the vast diversity represented throughout the wider community. This has left long-lasting effects on their lives...

The increased demand for people with a platform to advocate change and spread awareness has become more prevalent with global issues. Questions arise of whether or not they hold responsibility to become activists have become increasingly widespread.

Community evaluates celebrity activism

Yasmina Kassir, Staff Writer May 25, 2021

With the prevalence of growing reform movements such as Black Lives Matter, the demand for people in fame to use their platform for activism and education has increased. However, some choose not to pursue...

For many across the globe, sexual harassment permeates every aspect of life, often inducing silence and instilling negative emotions in those who experience it.

Sexual harassment: shattering the silence

Grace Hamilton, Lead Culture Editor May 12, 2021

Traveling alone, for many women, screams danger. Health Teacher Bambi Thompson spent a summer abroad in Madrid for a work opportunity and had the very experience many dread. “I was on my own and heading...

Kingston Bridges (’24), Sam Hamilton (’23), Brian Lewis (’22) and Basmah Alfayez (’21) are new to the High School this year amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Now having made it to the final quarter of the school year, these students reflect on the experience of being new during this unusual year.

Pandemic affects new student experiences

Anahi Pellathy, Staff Writer April 26, 2021

Restrictions due to the COVID-19 have impacted many facets of student life in the High School. The experience of new students has been particularly affected as the pandemic has altered many of the usual...

Due to the pandemic, the robotics team has faced many new challenges and designs to be created, as well as now having the chance to work on a robot in person. Students and faculty reflect on their experience participating in robotics during this unique year.

Robotics team adapts to different projects, experiences

Ella Podurgiel, Features Editor: Print March 18, 2021

In a typical year, the robotics team can be seen working in the MILL for countless hours building a robot, which they then fly to different parts of the world to compete with. However, the robotics team...

From the day campus closed on March 13, 2020, the last year has brought lockdowns, isolation, and millions of deaths. But, through the challenges of COVID-19, the ASL community reflected on the pandemic and the positive outcomes that have come to light.

Unprecedented: One year with the virus

Clara Martinez, Staff Writer March 15, 2021

From whipped coffee and TikTok dances to patchwork denim and Disney+, the last year has been a whirlwind of novel experiences. It’s been a whole year where it’s seemed as though the media just couldn’t...

Catcalling – defined by Merriam-Webster Dictionary as “a loud, sexually suggestive call or comment directed at someone publicly (as on the street)” – is a familiar occurrence for many students and faculty. Students and faculty voiced their views on the causes and implications of catcalling, and a Metropolitan Police Officer gave advice on how to react to and report instances.

Catcalling endures despite social change

Elena Alexander, Staff Writer March 11, 2021

If someone wants to get catcalled over 100 times in 10 hours while wearing a pair of jeans and a crew neck T-shirt, New York City is the place to go according to this viral video. With almost 50 million...

To some, toxic masculinity may pose obstacles to those who want to step outside the masculine norm and fully express themselves, whether that be by wearing lipstick or exhibiting other effeminate behavior.

Confronting toxic masculinity

Emily Forgash and Cameron Spurr March 5, 2021

In Music Teacher David Papenhagen’s old school in Michigan, having a reputation as a band geek was better than being gay. At least that is the message his assistant principal conveyed while trying to...

Theology Club members finish their meeting about karma and reincarnation Thursday, Feb. 11. Meetings are hosted by co-leaders Saoirse Burlingame (’24) and Marcus Chae (’24) every Thursday at 5:45 p.m. on Zoom.

Students start Theology Club amidst growing Western secular society

Rudi Chamria, Staff Writer March 3, 2021

Social Studies Teacher and faculty moderator of the Theology Club Lanting Xu said she recognized Grade 9 students enter World Civilizations I with less understanding of religions and their practices than...

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