Guest writer English Teacher Mark Mazzenga on the necessity of the Alternatives changes

Guest Writer English Teacher Mark Mazzenga

Surfing on a beach in Morocco…for school? Sounds like a sweet field trip if not an enviable life story (even if many of those surfers returned to London with a gnarly case of food poisoning). When discussing the ASL Alternatives program, it’s never been a question of if ASL can provide amazing experiences for its student population. The question, rather, is “Why?”

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Guest Writer Rohan Prasad (’18) on diversity in texts

Rohan Prasad Guest Writer

I have attended ASL for fourteen years.

In this time I have read Hamlet and Romeo and Juliet; I have read The Odyssey and Antigone. I have scrutinized texts like The Great Gatsby and Great Expectations.

I have studied the stories of the American Revolution and the brilliance of the Roman Empire. I have been on the beaches of D-Day and mourned at the graves of dead soldiers.

The line between all these might be obvious, or it might not: these stories are all blindingly white.

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Guest writer Sam Habib (’21) on the Men’s Rights Movement

Sam Habib Guest Writer

Shocked and confused were my initial emotions when hearing about the Men’s Rights Movement (MRM). I had first heard of the movement after watching the documentary “The Red Pill‘”, a film about the men’s rights movement, which was banned from being shown in select Canadian and Australian cinemas.

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Why I won’t just ‘wear the shirt’

Seniors receive their red T-shirts with sheer excitement; they dart to the bathroom immediately to change; they take photos upon photos together, smiling. Parents look on with pride because, at last, their child has reached Grade 12.  Continue reading “Why I won’t just ‘wear the shirt’”

One Young World Quotes


During alternatives, I went to Johannesburg, South Africa to attend the One Young World summit. One Young World is a London based charity that hosts an annual summit where young leaders start leading. The Johannesburg summit had over 1,250 delegates from 190 different countries debating and formulating solutions to the worlds’ most pressing issues. I was asked to take photos for the Huffington Post and the One Young World Facebook page, which gave me access to all of the counselors. I seized this opportunity by meeting them, taking photos with them and asking each of them the following question: “What specific advice would you give to a high school student at the American School in London?” These are their answers. Continue reading “One Young World Quotes”