Lunch with The Standard: Alexandra (Haggiag) Dean (’97)

When alumna Alexandra (Haggiag) Dean (’97) first sat down with us on March 6, “emotional” was the one word that came to mind on her return to ASL. She recalled former classmates, teachers and experiences that shaped her educational career, having attended from Grade 3 to 12. “You realize this is where you began, this is where your roots are and you know when you come from an international community it’s not always easy to see your roots,” she said. Continue reading “Lunch with The Standard: Alexandra (Haggiag) Dean (’97)”

Lunch with the Standard: Amanda Litman

It was hard to believe that the woman standing in front of me was only 27 years old and already had written a book and single-handedly inspired approximately 10,000 under-35s to run for political office. The short brown bob and maroon dress of the Run For Something founder Amanda Litman greeted me as conversation flowed between her and myself. Litman’s stories were coupled with a free use of candor and expletives- a combination which made me feel as if I’d known her for years.

Continue reading “Lunch with the Standard: Amanda Litman”