Phone Dependency: Exploring the overuse of phones in school

Usage and dependency on phones has become a part of everyday life, yet some students and teachers find the normalization alarming.

Phone dependency can lead to issues such as procrastination, distraction and even concerns about safety.

Video by News Editor: Online Jonathan Novak

Aligning the consequences of #MeToo

Media Director Quinn Whitman

The #MeToo movement was able to bring down giants in the entertainment industry such as Harvey Weinstein and Matt Lauer at the end of last year. Twelve women came forward this year with allegations of sexual harassment against former CBS Chairman Les Moonves dating back to the 1980s. It is clear that within the entertainment industry, these allegations are being recognized and consequences are being faced when these men are removed from their positions of power. Continue reading “Aligning the consequences of #MeToo”

The process of PCA grants

Editor-in-Chief Ananya Prakash

News Editor: Online Jonathan Novak

When Faris Fakhry (’20) sat down with Technology Coordinator Mariam Mathew to plan a TEDx conference at ASL, he realized Mathew needed to attend a TED Talks Training and Certification in New York. His aspirations simultaneously fell apart when he realized one ticket to New York can cost over £500.

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One community, hundreds of cultures

Staff Writer Vittoria del Balzo di Presenzano

The World Languages and Cultures department has undoubtedly opened students to new parts of the world, not only by studying a language but by exploring the unique culture of the country in which the language is spoken. Continue reading “One community, hundreds of cultures”

The precarious year of Entrepreneur Elon Musk

Staff Writer Sal Cerrell

Elon Musk is described by many as a multifaceted individual. Whether it’s launching rockets into space, then landing them back on Earth, manufacturing electric cars that drive themselves, or vowing to “make life multiplanetary” by establishing a human civilization on Mars, he has conceived and pursued a number of unconventional and ambitious ideas. Continue reading “The precarious year of Entrepreneur Elon Musk”