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Kick, pull, swim, success

December 16, 2012

SVENA BHASIN COPY EDITOR Sophie Rittenhouse (’13) emerged from the pool with a wide grin on her face. Finishing the ISST swimming tournament with a gold in her final race was the best possible end...

Students attend Right to Play trip

November 12, 2012

A 14-year-old boy addresses the group before him, speaking in his mother tongue, Swahili, recounting his life story to the visitors at his orphanage. He tells the group how when he was five, both his...

A growing star

November 12, 2012

PATRICK MAYR SPORTS EDITOR When Noah Abrams (’16) sat in the back of his dad’s car leaving the carpark of Chelsea Football Club’s training ground for the last time, he was devastated. After almost...

True Fan with Jack Douglas (14)

True Fan with Jack Douglas (’14)

November 12, 2012

Although they recently relocated to New York from New Jersey, the Brooklyn Nets are still a burning passion of Jack Douglas (’14). Douglas sat down with ONLINE EDITOR TYLER ZSCHACH to talk Nets, memories...

ISST day two round-up

November 10, 2012

TYLER ZSCHACH ONLINE EDITOR Matches continued throughout the second day of the tournaments, but perhaps no result was more shocking than the realisation that overcame the Boy's Varsity Soccer team....

ISST Highlights: Boys Soccer ASL 1-2 ASH

November 9, 2012

Check the Boys Varisty Soccer team below in a hard-fought loss! More updates to come from ISST's!

ISST day one round-up

ISST day one round-up

November 8, 2012

HAMISH STEPHENSON ONLINE EDITOR ASL’s volleyball, soccer and field hockey teams were all in action today at ISSTs. The action resulted in a flurry of victories for some teams and disappointing losses...

Ned Thomas pursues Level Two coaching badge

October 1, 2012

PATRICK MAYR SPORTS EDITOR Like many of his high school friends and colleagues , Ned Thomas (’13) loves football. Whether he’s playing in the park with friends or attending a Queens Park Rangers...

ASL parent performs in Olympic opening ceremony

October 1, 2012

KATIE DILLON STAFF WRITER After signing up for email alerts from the Olympics, ASL parent Diane Bell was given the opportunity to perform in the Opening Ceremonies of the 2012 Olympic Games. She went...

He shoots, he scores

October 1, 2012

PATRICK MAYR SPORTS EDITOR Less than a month into his senior year, Nils Elwing (’13), unlike the rest of his peers who are battling the college process, can enjoy a more stress-free environment and...

True Fan: Sterling Foster

True Fan: Sterling Foster

October 1, 2012

How did you become a Pittsburgh Steelers supporter? Because I am from Texas, I have always loved football, but I cannot stand the Dallas Cowboys. I became a Steelers fan because every member of my family...

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