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The overconsumption of social media is often to blame for students’ decreasing attention spans. As a result, many students have been struggling to stay focused and on task.

Social media causes attention spans to drop

Tessa Nussenbaum, Reporter December 14, 2023

I am sitting at my desk, trying to finish an assignment due tomorrow. When my phone buzzes, I force myself to look away, fighting the urge to pick it up. It always fails. I tell myself it's just a quick...

Members of the Sustainability Council pose for a photo during one of their weekly meetings. The Council gathers every Tuesday to discuss current environmental news, organize Earth Week and pursue other projects to increase sustainability.

Sustainability Council takes action to combat climate change

Ashlyn Tate and Rudi Chamria March 1, 2023

The Sustainability Council’s mission is to engage students with climate-related work and raise awareness of environmental issues. According to Co-President Dylan Linton (’23), SusCo is split into four...

The administration and Sustainability Council work on multiple projects  to increase renewable resources, energy and awareness throughout the school. This has included replacing and optimizing old equipment, creating a dashboard to view amounts of consumption and working with students of all ages to increase efforts at all levels.

School makes individual, administrative strides toward sustainability

Ella Podurgiel, News Editor: Print March 1, 2023

Through changes in lighting, energy use, heating and equipment, the school has been making both short and long-term plans to become more sustainable, according to Director of Operations Jim Heynderickx.   Heynderickx...

The varsity girls volleyball team poses after winning the ISST competition Nov. 12. The teams victory at the competition was the first since 2015.

Debate rises over ISST medal sustainability

Tristan Weiss, Sports Editor: Online March 1, 2023

After three years without The International School Sports Tournament due to the pandemic, the competition resumed for fall sports in the spring of 2022. Of the six teams that competed this fall, five teams...

Every April, attention collectively shifts to the climate crisis. Yet, the efforts imported by the recognition of Earth Day should be continuous to spur meaningful environmental change.

OPINION: Earth Day demands perpetual action

Grace Hamilton, Editor-in-Chief March 1, 2023

Like clockwork, every April, green banners are pasted to bulletin boards, lights are switched off and reusable water bottles are placed atop desks. Earth Day – intended to spur continual efforts to mitigate...

Performative activism on social media is activism where the motive is for one’s personal gain, instead of genuine support for a cause. The term rose in popularity in 2020 after the killing of George Floyd and the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement on social media, and although it is seen as for ones personal gain, performative activism is a crucial step in growing a movement and leading it to success.

OPINION: Performative activism provides essential base for environmental movement expansion

Ruby Rogers, Reporter March 1, 2023

Many users of Instagram or TikTok will be familiar with photos of people wearing T-shirts with environmental slogans, bragging about their reusable metal straws and going to the farmers market with their...

Extinction Rebellion protest in Manchester disrupts public transport. Disruptive climate protests interrupt civilian’s daily lives and undermine the environmental movement.

OPINION: Disruptive protests undermine climate crisis

Rahil Punshi, Media Team March 1, 2023

If you have lived in the U.K. for the past few months, it is likely that you have witnessed or heard about environmental groups causing disruptive protests. Recently, disruptive protests have dramatically...

England announced it will enforceagainst single-use plastics Jan. 14. Students and faculty reflect on their experiences with single-use plastics and share opinions on the recent ban.

England bans single-use plastics to reduce pollutants, waste

Leila Meilman, Reporter March 1, 2023

U.K. Environment Secretary Thérèse Coffey announced Jan. 14 that polluting single-use plastics will be banned in England, according to GOV.UK. England consumes 2.7 billion single-use plastic cutlery...

Catering staff member Fidel Mboma prepares to serve lunch Jan. 26. While the cafeteria has adopted various sustainable practices, community members continue to address the issue of food waste.

Beyond the bins: Cafeteria services fight food waste through sustainable practices

Madeleine Galuga, Reporter March 1, 2023

According to the World Wildlife Fund, approximately one-third of the food produced worldwide is wasted. Sustainability Council member Olivia Ford (’24) said food waste and factory farming are two issues...

The Apple Fire burns July 31, 2020 in Beaumont, California, becoming one of thousands in California’s climbing rates of wildfires. Students from California remember their encounters with wildfires and how they have changed over the last few decades.

Californian students look back on decades of wildfires

Clara Martinez, Lead Culture Editor March 1, 2023

In the summer of 2020, near Lake Tahoe, Rowan Hamilton (’26) was forced to evacuate and end summer camp early because of a nearby fire.  While Hamilton said “it doesn’t make me love California...

Climate change protests gatherd together in London Dec. 5., 2009 to demand action protecting the environment from world leaders. Many similar protests have occurred throughout the U.K advocating against the development of coal, fossil fuels, deforestation and other factors.

Students, faculty discuss increase in climate protests across UK

Nassef Sawiris, Media Team March 1, 2023

With climate change worsening, the past year has seen many climate protests from groups such as Just Stop Oil and Extinction Rebellion. Some of these protests have caused wide-scale disruption across the...

Environment, Explained: Climate anxiety must be more prevalent in our community

Environment, Explained: Climate anxiety must be more prevalent in our community

Eden Leavey, Features Editor: Print March 1, 2023

Climate change could be irreversible by 2030 if serious action is not taken, according to a report conducted by the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. I don’t know about you, but that scares...

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