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Online Exclusives:

Articles under this section only appear on the website.


The News section focuses on balanced coverage of the most important issues in the ASL community, representing the diversity of the community. Lead News Editor Sophie Ashley, News Editor: Print Lea George, and News Editor: Online Jon Novak manage the News section.


The Opinions section attempts to create an effective, wide-ranging forum for student voice through various columns and editorials. Opinions Editor Jonathan Philips manages the Opinions section.


The Features section strives to connect current events and important issues and how they apply to the ASL community. Lead Features Editor John Towfighi, Features Editor Martha Duff and Features Editor Isabelle Lhuilier manage the section.


The Culture section stays at the forefront of cultural issues such as film, theater, music, the visual arts and connects them to the community. Culture Editor: Print Naz Ozturk and Culture Editor: Online Rohan Haarmann manage the section.


The Sports section covers all ASL sports teams and larger sports-issues or trends within the community. Sports Editor: Online Michael Flaherty and Sports Editor: Print Lily Whitman manage the section.