Establishing freedom in education

Raunak Lally Staff Writer

Until my sophomore year, when I arrived at ASL, I was never given an opportunity to explore subjects by taking on a packed schedule, nor to make my schedule more manageable. The American curriculum allows students to fit as many A-level-equivalent classes into their schedule, or to take more free periods than science classes. For eight years, I was educated in the British school system: my classes were fixed, I was always scheduled to meet my academic requirements and I had a substantial amount of extracurricular experiences under my belt because they were mandatory.

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LES LALANNE: Where Nature Meets Home

Maddy Whitman Staff Writer

Entering the Ben Brown Fine Arts gallery to see their most recent art exhibition, LES LALANNE, feels like stepping straight into Alice in Wonderland. The exhibition is immediately fascinating but slightly overwhelming. After taking some time to process the exhibition, it’s easier to appreciate how all the small details animated the gallery space.  

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Recent Brexit votes pose more questions than answers for U.K. fate

Polina Dashevsky Staff Writer – Maddy Whitman Staff Writer

With just over two months until March 29, the U.K.’s leaving date from the European Union (E.U.), two major votes have delayed a clear Brexit plan.  

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Aequitas Week 2019 spurs discussions

John Towfighi Lead Features Editor

The end of January is beginning to be recognized as the marker for the Social Justice Council’s (SJC) annual Aequitas Week, which was established during the 2015-16 school year. Aequitas, which is the Latin origin of the word ‘equity,’ is the overarching theme of the week. Students attend assemblies and participate in a wide range of workshops and discussions, led by students,teachers and outside school speakers, which explore social, cultural and political justice.

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Protesters outside of Parliament voice their opinions

Labeena Hanif Staff Writer

“Shame on you! Shame on you!”

There was something almost fanatic in the chants of the protesters outside the Houses of Parliament, voicing their opinions about the delayed Brexit vote on January 15. Citizens from all over the U.K. set aside the time to be outside of the seat of power during the controversial debate to express how they feel. Protesters were split between pro-Brexit and pro-remain, with a smaller subsection supporting “deal” or “no deal” Brexit.

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