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Daniel de Beer

Daniel de Beer, Deputy Editor-in-Chief: Online

Daniel de Beer (’23) is the Deputy Editor-in-Chief: Online of The Standard. Having grown up in Brazil and lived in four different countries, de Beer is a citizen of the world. De Beer began his journalistic career in Grade 9, when he joined The Standard as a Staff Writer. His hobbies include playing backgammon, swimming, and competitive chair spinning.

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 In U.S. presidential elections, the Electoral College, composed of electors from each state, decides who becomes president. Voters in each state will vote for president, and each state awards its electoral votes to the winning candidate. However, this system is flawed and can lead to disenfranchisement, as seen in the map above of the 2016 election.

Electoral college infringes upon democracy

Daniel De Beer, Opinions Editor: Online
February 2, 2021
Opinions Editor: Online Daniel De Beer discusses whether or not the popular writing tool, Grammarly, hinders or helps students.

Grammarly both helps, hinders students

Daniel de Beer, Opinions Editor: Online
November 3, 2020
As school reopens, students are allowed to eat off-campus in an effort to spread out the student body during lunchtimes. However, students should only be granted this privilege if they follow COVID-19 rules and regulations.

Wearing masks takes precedence over comfort

Daniel De Beer, Opinions Editor: Online
October 6, 2020
Due to her chronic illnesses, Cameron Lynch (’19) was not able to return to campus for college. In response, Lynch has created a support group for students in similar situations.

Alumna advocates for students with disabilities

Daniel De Beer, Opinions Editor: Online
September 30, 2020
TikTok, a Chinese-owned company, has recently been under fire due to its collection of its user’s data. The social media app is used to post 60-second videos of dances and skits with specific “sounds” in the background.

Trump administration should not ban TikTok

Daniel De Beer, Opinions Editor: Online
September 15, 2020
Debate team members Alexis Gerwe (23) and Oliver Presier (23) research current events to prepare for the upcoming debate competition. The debate team will compete against other international schools Nov. 15-16.

[Photo] ASL to host debate tournament

Jonathan Novak, Deputy Editor-in-Chief: Online
November 14, 2019
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