Photo Gallery: Varsity baseball and softball ISSTs day 1

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Photos by Culture Editor: Print Emily Forgash

Steering clear of phone snatchers

Emily Forgash Media Editor

Muggings aren’t just a nightly occurrence, they can happen in broad daylight with the assistance of motorcycles. Katy Welch (’22) was near St. John’s Wood High Street after school in October 2017 with her friend, when she was approached by a person on a motorcycle. “I was watching something on my phone and I had my phone out, and then someone came behind me and grabbed it out of my hand,” she said.

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Rebecca Kauffman’s The Gunners weaves a simple tale about the power of friendship

Media Editor Emily Forgash

A group of misfits who don’t fit together on paper, but found love within one another through their childhood and teenage years, the gunners are back together. Rebecca Kauffman’s The Gunners is told from the perspective of Mikey, one of six friends who spent all their time together in an abandoned house in Lackawanna, NY, learning about life, themselves and each other. Throughout the story, Mikey struggles with early-onset macular degeneration which a condition that makes people go blind over a period of time, beginning in adolescence.

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Fighting a Digital Battle

In honor of talks in the school about safeguarding in relation to technology use, below is a throwback from last year’s print article “Fighting a Digital Battle” written by Media Editor Emily Forgash. 

Media Editor Emily Forgash

In a world where the swipe of a screen is quicker than the turn of a page, I find that many teenagers instinctively reach for their phones because reading a book is too taxing. Some students can live as if they’re driving on a highway, and reading is like swerving onto a country road; they grow impatient with the slow speed. In short, the world seems like it is having trouble living at the pace of books. Continue reading

I’ll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson reminds readers about the importance of love

Media Editor Emily Forgash

I’ll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson, the critically acclaimed author of The Sky is Everywhere, will give you more than just the sun. On top of warming you from the inside out, it will give you a whole new perspective on life and romance.

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