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The High School Student News Site of The American School in London

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The production and disposal of paper cause significant environmental damage. Nonetheless, across the High School, classes use a large quantity of paper, adding to the community’s carbon footprint.

Environment, Explained: High School classes should embrace more paperless opportunities

Eden Leavey, Culture Editor: Print April 25, 2022

Throughout my time in high school, I have been pleased by the community’s receptiveness to combatting the climate crisis with sustainable solutions. Yet, one facet of the school’s eco-friendly potential...

Fast fashion produces vast amounts of waste and pollution, while sustainable fashion companies make a conscious effort to provide for their workers and the environment.

Environment, Explained: how to navigate sustainable clothes shopping

Eden Leavey, Culture Editor: Print February 1, 2022

Hello readers, and welcome back to my column. This month, I will be debunking the various misconceptions surrounding sustainable clothes shopping. To begin, what is sustainable fashion? Often used as...

The UN Climate Change Conference, often referred to as COP26, is an annual environmental conference that discusses how to best combat the climate crisis. This year, it was held from Oct. 31 until Nov. 12.

Environment, Explained: UN Climate Change Conference evaluates climate crisis

Eden Leavey, Culture Editor: Print November 23, 2021

COP26, the annual UN Climate Change Conference, was a summit at which global leaders represented their countries and discussed how to most effectively combat climate change. The event took place in Glasgow,...

While veganism has become increasingly popular over the last decade, not much change has followed regarding society’s fixed mindset on the subject. After reducing my consumption of animal products these past few months, I have noticed various negative reactions to my new diet, despite its positive ecological impact.

Environment, Explained: Insecurities perpetuate the vegan stigma

Eden Leavey, Culture Editor: Print October 19, 2021

Welcome back, readers! As you may know from prior articles in this column, one of the most effective ways people can reduce their carbon footprint is by curating an eco-conscious diet. Thus, over the past...

Climate change is becoming more serious as a result of the continuous rise in greenhouse gas emissions. Recently, the planet underwent some of the most extreme weather conditions and record high temperatures.

Environment, explained: July 2021 temperatures soar due to greenhouse gases

Eden Leavey, Culture Editor: Print September 14, 2021

This July, the world experienced its warmest month in the 142 years since observation stations began keeping record of temperatures. Due to the increase in carbon dioxide emissions, summer inhabited an...

The Eden Project, located in Cornwall, nurtures plant life in biomes – large, environmentally-friendly domes. In 2001, the organization opened to the public with the objective of conserving nature and making it accessible to all.

Environment, explained: Eden Project preserves natural habitats, biodiversity

Eden Leavey, Culture Editor: Print June 16, 2021

With the school year coming to a close, anticipation of a summer free from pandemic regulations has reached an all-time high. However, with COVID-19 restrictions regularly evolving, some may feel unsure...

Eco-friendly communities such as Dubai’s Sustainable City pose a solution to the global climate crisis. In the last decade, numerous countries have taken steps toward building developments powered by renewable energy and clean technology.

Environment, explained: Dubai’s “Sustainable City” fosters urban sustainability

Eden Leavey, Culture Editor: Print May 10, 2021

From its glamorous air-conditioned malls to its indoor ski resort, Dubai is rarely considered an ecological role model because of its extraneous power usage. Yet, the emirate known for having a carbon-heavy...

This Chinese Magnolia in Hyde Park is an example of “restoring our earth” which is this year’s Earth Day theme. To compensate for the destruction that climate change has caused, below are five actions that will help to repair nature and biodiversity.

Environment, explained: top 5 changes you can make in light of Earth Day

Eden Leavey, Staff Writer April 12, 2021

Hello, and welcome back to Environment, explained. As Earth Day is quickly approaching, my second article for this column will be dedicated to how the holiday first emerged and what actions can be taken...

While the U.K. is slowly running out of landfill space, Sweden has designed an efficient recycling policy that enables 99% of waste to be recycled or reused. By recycling, we can help to improve London’s ecological footprint.

Environment, explained: recycling, how to really make a difference

Eden Leavey, Staff Writer March 8, 2021

Hello readers! My name is Eden. Let me introduce to you my environmental awareness column. Once a month, I am going to investigate an environmental issue that impacts either the ASL community or is a cause...

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