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Yogurt: a breakfast, pastry and dessert? Yogurt toast has been the internet’s latest food obsession.

Feast or Flop: Yogurt toast

Emma Lucas, Staff Writer March 4, 2022

Feast or Flop is back! I wish I could accompany the statement of my return with “better than ever,” but the inspiration for this recipe came from the depths of despair, desolation and disease. My isolation...

It’s the marriage of two classics in every American household: pizza and quesadillas. Originating in Italy, pizza has grown to become one of the most popular dishes worldwide, while quesadillas, stemming from Mexico, have also captured the taste buds of many.

Feast or Flop: Pizza quesadilla

Emma Lucas, Staff Writer April 23, 2021

With nearly 9.5 million views in just one month, the internet has yet to fail the food world with its introduction of the pizza quesadilla via TikTok.  To be completely honest, I don’t even know...

This easy recipe for soy sauce noodles tests the capabilities of instant food. Invented in the 1950s, instant ramen has grown to be a staple late-night student meal.

Feast or Flop: Soy sauce ramen

Emma Lucas, Staff Writer April 1, 2021

Original Recipe: To say that I was raised on instant ramen would be an understatement. Being the self-proclaimed cup noodle connaisseur that I am, I had never been more excited to come across a recipe...

Oats, a popular and nutritious food, have been eaten for hundreds of years. Will this slightly unhealthier take out-perform the traditional breakfast meal?

Feast or Flop: Baked oats

Emma Lucas, Staff Writer March 19, 2021

I have to admit, I am a sucker for breakfast food. However, the one thing that never quite grasped my interest was oatmeal. It goes against everything my taste buds crave with its one dimensional taste...

 Tomato and feta pasta: the recipe that took the internet by storm. Made popular in Finland, this dish gained traction due to its simple instructions yet complex taste.

Feast or flop: Tomato and feta pasta

Emma Lucas, Staff Writer March 5, 2021

For me, it seems as if every phase of quarantine has been defined by its own staple pasta recipe. First, it was Gigi Hadid’s infamous spicy tomato and cream pasta (which has grown to be a favourite in...

White chocolate matcha brownies: a unique twist on a classic recipe. The first brownie was created during the 19th century, while the discovery of matcha dates all the way back to the 8th century.

Feast or Flop: white chocolate matcha brownies

Emma Lucas, Staff Writer February 12, 2021

You’ve probably experienced it before: you’re scrolling online, only to find a mouth-wateringly delicious meal with a recipe right alongside it. The urge to grab it right through your screen is like...

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