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“Ginny and Georgia” is known for its drama and mystery-packed storyline. The second season premiered Jan. 5 on Netflix, leaving viewers with the secrets of characters and the chaos unfolding.

‘Ginny and Georgia’ storyline takes a dark turn

Ailish Herrmann, Reporter March 3, 2023

The second season of “Ginny and Georgia” premiered Jan. 5 on Netflix, nearly two years after the release of the first season in 2021. The new season reached the number one spot on the English TV list...

With such a diverse array of options, finding a good quality, delicious and authentic Chinese restaurant can often be difficult. Reporters Rowan Hamilton and Ruby Rogers share the best Chinese restaurants across the city.

Top 4 Chinese restaurants in London

Rowan Hamilton and Ruby Rogers January 10, 2023

Whether it be long northern noodles, Shanghai dumplings, Beijing duck or dim sum, London is famous for its diverse Chinese food. The Chinese food community is rich in variety, with each region having a...

Eggs, a popular and nutritious food, have been eaten in a common manner for centuries, whether beaten, fried, boiled or more. Will this new recipe out-perform the traditional breakfast meal?

Cracking the hack: Miniature fried egg trend dominates social media

Madeleine Galuga, Reporter January 9, 2023

When scrolling through my social media feed, I usually come across many interesting, yet seemingly ridiculous food hacks. One particular hack that caught my attention was freezing eggs before cutting them...

“The Stranger Things Experience” treats fans of the hit Netflix series to an interactive walkthrough revolving around the show’s plot. Located just north of Central London in Brent Cross, the walkthrough also includes a portion called “The Mixtape,” which entertains audiences with food, drinks, merchandise and ’80s references galore.

Review: Flawed, but fun “Stranger Things Experience” pleases fans of the show

Jaden Gardiola, Reporter December 16, 2022

I wonder if the Duffer Brothers ever imagined their ’80s retro, classic horror brainchild to become the most viewed Netflix show ever when they first pitched “Stranger Things.” Yet, here we are,...

Reporters Audrey Cushman, Sanna Ekroth and Sophia Hsu review hot chocolates across the Saint Johns Wood high street. Each reporter rates each bowl based on various categories: originality, price and taste.

The Standard reporters review hot chocolate

Jagger Price and Yasmine Rivera contributed to videography and editing. Music used with permission from Vee Motsi.

“Better than the Movies” by Lynn Painter follows protagonist Liz Bauxbaum in her final year of high school, whenthe return of her childhood sweetheart leaves her to navigate the balance between who she wants to be and who she thinks she has to be. Painter takes the reader through an emotional and uplifting journey with likable characters and an intriguing plot.

‘Better than the Movies’ exhilarates the internal hopeless romantic

Vittoria Di Meo, Media Team November 30, 2022

Calling all romance book lovers: I have the utmost confidence that this book will soon become one of your favorites. “Better than the Movies” by Lynn Painter is not just a typical romance novel. It...

The “William Kentridge” exhibition hangs in the Royal Academy, showcasing work from throughout the artist’s 40-year career. The exhibition includes a variety of multimedia work as one of South Africa’s most prominent artists explores themes from his life.

‘William Kentridge’ exhibition at Royal Academy showcases Johannesburg artist

Ashlyn Tate, Reporter November 21, 2022

An exhibition showcasing William Kentridge at the Royal Academy features work from throughout his career, and it certainly does him justice. Kentridge has been widely regarded as one of the most prominent...

The newly released “Dahmer” series on Netflix has received buzz from critics. As the most recent of many films, books and documentaries chronicling Jeffrey Dahmer’s story in the 30 years since the murders occurred, one might wonder: did this story need to be re-told?

Netflix series “Dahmer” walks ethical boundaries

Ashlyn Tate, Reporter October 31, 2022

“Be too sweet and you’ll be a goner. Yep, I’ll pull a Jeffrey Dahmer.” Released in 2010, these lyrics from “Cannibal,” the hit Kesha song, contain the name of a man who captured the world’s...

Opinions Editor: Print Emma Lucas, Culture Editor: Print Anahi Pellathy and Sports Editor: Online Tristan Weiss review açaí restaurants across London. Each editor rates each bowl based on various categories: originality, price, taste and presentation.

The Standard reviews açaí bowls

Emma Lucas, Anahi Pellathy and Tristan Weiss September 23, 2022

  Music used with permission from iMovie

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