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Pack mentality

February 28, 2021

Jaworski said she notices a trend of pack mentality at ASL and with men in general. Pack mentality, also known as herd mentality, is the “tendency for people’s behavior or beliefs to conform to those of the group to which they belong,” per Oxford English Dictionary.

Similarly, Gladis said toxic masculinity festers due to pack dynamics. In a pack, he said some men are leaders, and some are much more comfortable following as sheep. Followers “need to impress the alpha, and the way to impress that alpha is to crack a joke.”

Yardley echoed Gladis’ sentiment and said that in groups of boys, “everyone is there to establish himself as the alpha male,” which has a negative effect on the actions of the group.

Gladis said he can pick out one situation where toxic masculinity surfaces in packs at ASL: the left side of the bleachers during home basketball games. He smiled and added, usually against ACS Cobham.

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