A look inside an official ISST directors’ meeting

Every varsity team works tirelessly to prepare for the International School Sports Tournament (ISST) that concludes the season. Like the athletes, the athletic directors of ISST schools undergo a similar process to organize the tournaments.

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Freshman baseball phenom Drew Erdei (’21) to attend IMG Sports Academy

Pitching in an ISST game surrounded by high school players, Drew Erdei (’21) made his first varsity baseball appearance last year while in Grade 8. He pitched three shutout innings against Frankfurt International School (FIS) and ASL won gold in the 2017 ISSTs. Now, Erdei is a starting outfielder and one of the main pitchers on the varsity baseball team as a freshman.

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Tearing the season apart

Three athletes with torn Anterior Cruciate Ligaments (ACL) discuss their injuries and how it’s affected life inside and outside of sports.

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Lacrosse program continues to lack participants

Following their last appearance in the 2016 spring season, interest in the lacrosse program continues to dwindle, forcing its suspension for a further year.

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Life through the ‘coaching paradigm’

Teaching and coaching go hand-in-hand for Randy Richardson, both the Varsity Softball and Varsity Field Hockey Coach. Taking on a variety of roles as an educator, in both academic and athletics fields, Richardson speaks on the power of sports and necessity to take hold of opportunity.

I’m a country boy in terms of my beginnings” Varsity Softball and Field Hockey Coach Randy Richardson remarked as he reminisced over his childhood in the Berkshire Mountains of western Massachusetts. Living his childhood in a pre-American Revolutionary War farmstead that was “half way up what was called a mountain but was really a tall hill,” Richardson, a new coach and substitute teacher this year, grew up in “a little island of nature and farm animals,” where “the nearest neighbor was one mile away as crow flies.” Continue reading “Life through the ‘coaching paradigm’”