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The Nagorno-Karabakh conflict has deeply affected the lives of thousands, yet it remains relatively unknown to many. The dispute started over three decades ago and has since resulted in two large-scale conflicts and intermittent clashes between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

The forgotten war: Nagorno-Karabakh conflict remains overlooked, insufficiently acknowledged by world

Zoe Karibian, Media Team April 15, 2024

Editor's Note: Azeri and Azerbaijani are used interchangeably in this article to refer to the people of Azerbaijan. I am a descendant of an Armenian genocide survivor. My ancestors fled the Armenian...

According to the National Eating Disorder Association eating disorders can affect anyone and impact the mental and physical health of people’s daily lives. Reflecting on their own experiences, members of the High School community share how they have dealt with eating disorders.

Community members share eating disorder struggles

Vittoria Di Meo, Sports Editor: Online October 5, 2023

Syrian refugees supported by the CARE program pose in front of the Wall of Hope at the CARE center in Amman, Jordan. After fleeing conflict in Syria, these refugee girls pursue an education after overcoming countless obstacles.

Rebuilding: Syrian refugee girls pursue education

Grace Hamilton, Editor-in-Chief Emeritus May 4, 2023

Fatima Alloush fled her home in Syria when she was nine. “Unbearable” describes the 350-mile journey. “When we came to Jordan, the road was so difficult, we went from house to house, car to car...

Two hours after the public announcement of the Queen’s death Sept. 8, crowds gather in front of Buckingham Palace backdropped by a flag lowered to half-mast. The official notice from the Royal administration consisted of two sentences posted on the gates as a double rainbow framed the Palace.

Death of Queen Elizabeth II ripples through community

As a child, Assistant Principal Natalie Jaworski said she viewed England as a “magical place.” Jaworski’s perception of the country was largely shaped by stories of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign that...

COVID-19 pandemic: the universal experience

COVID-19 pandemic: the universal experience

Eden Leavey, Culture Editor: Print June 17, 2021


For many across the globe, sexual harassment permeates every aspect of life, often inducing silence and instilling negative emotions in those who experience it.

Sexual harassment: Shattering the silence

Grace Hamilton, Lead Culture Editor May 12, 2021

Traveling alone, for many women, screams danger. Health Teacher Bambi Thompson spent a summer abroad in Madrid for a work opportunity and had the very experience many dread. “I was on my own and heading...

Throughout the pandemic, the administration has overseen the school’s financial standing, cutting expenses without compromising the students’ experience. Photo illustration by Eileen Meidar.

COVID-19 provokes uncertainty around ASL’s finances

Gabrielle Meidar, News Editor: Print March 26, 2021

As the coronavirus takes a toll on the economic state of the world, ASL’s finances have not been immune from these shocks.  According to Director of Finance John Robinson, toward the end of 2019-20,...

To some, toxic masculinity may pose obstacles to those who want to step outside the masculine norm and fully express themselves, whether that be by wearing lipstick or exhibiting other effeminate behavior.

Confronting toxic masculinity

Cameron Spurr and Emily Forgash March 5, 2021

In Music Teacher David Papenhagen’s old school in Michigan, having a reputation as a band geek was better than being gay. At least that is the message his assistant principal conveyed while trying to...

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