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Grace Hamilton, Lead Culture Editor

Grace Hamilton (’23) is the Lead Culture Editor for The Standard. Her love for writing stemmed into a passion for journalism, and thus, she became involved with The Standard in Grade 9. Journalism provides her a powerful platform to inform the ASL community, explore myriad topics, and learn more about local and global perspectives, issues and events. Outside of journalism, Hamilton is a member of the Sustainability Council and participates in a variety of sports.

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Documentaries are quintessential to a well-rounded film experience, tackling numerous themes – deconstructing the science behind natural disasters, downfalls of the education system, scientific phenomenons. Here are five must-watch documentaries that may deepen one’s perception of the world or simply stimulate diversity of thought.

Top 5 documentaries

September 10, 2021
Though London is taking more extensive precautions for COVID-19, there are still ways to enjoy Europe's most acclaimed museums. Institutions such as the British Museum and the Natural History Museum have created virtual platforms to showcase exhibits.

Top 5 virtual museums

October 23, 2020
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