Taking on new year’s resolutions

Helen Roth Staff Writer

January is often a time for people begin to think about what they would like to accomplish for the rest of the year. When the clocks strike midnight on January 1, individuals around the world set their minds to achieving goals. However, as the year progresses, these resolutions can sometimes be dropped faster than the famous New Year’s Eve countdown ball in Times Square.

According to a recent Standard survey, 78 out of 147 students who responded have made a new year’s resolution this year. However, 41 of those students feel that they won’t be able to keep their resolution. Sofia Michaelides (’22) is one of those students. “I feel that every year I try and make a resolution that isn’t very reachable and not very realistic to my life,” she said. Continue reading “Taking on new year’s resolutions”

Q and A: Newly appointed Assistant Principal Natalie Jaworski

Alexandra Gers Deputy Editor-in-Chief: OnlineAnanya Prakash Editor-in-Chief

After a lengthy seven-step process that involved written applications and numerous interviews, Social Studies Department Head Natalie Jaworski was recently appointed Assistant Principal for the coming school year. She will be replacing current Assistant Principal Karen Bonthrone, who will be a full-time science teacher next year.

Jaworski has thought of her life in increments of four years: four years of college, four years curating at a museum in Minneapolis and four years teaching at Kennedy High School school in Minneapolis. This pattern was, however, broken when Jaworski reached her fifth year of teaching social studies at ASL. Although Jaworski is saddened by the thought of not being able to teach “history everyday, all day,” she’s looking forward to the new challenges and possibilities brought on by being assistant principal. Jaworski said, “I’m really excited to be thinking about education in a broader sense and the school on a bigger scale.”

Continue reading “Q and A: Newly appointed Assistant Principal Natalie Jaworski”

Swimming toward success

Lily Whitman Sports Editor: Print

Anna Podurgiel (’20) has been swimming since before she moved from Boston, Massachusetts to London.  

She started when she was six or seven years old, and ever since then, she has been an avid swimmer. “I took lessons probably when I was six or seven, and then my first year on a team was when I was eight.” Continue reading “Swimming toward success”

Designated grade areas underscore exclusion

Isabel Link Staff Writer

Anyone who has ever been a freshman at ASL was warned early on that Bottom-O belongs to the senior class. But where does that leave everyone else? Continue reading “Designated grade areas underscore exclusion”

The rise of 23andMe

Christina Leonard Online Director

Five million people in more than 48 countries use the personal genomics company 23andMe to learn about their health and ancestry through sophisticated DNA analysis. The company, founded in 2006 and now worth more than $1.7 billion, was founded by entrepreneur Anne Wojcicki, who previously worked as a healthcare investment analyst.   Continue reading “The rise of 23andMe”