One community, hundreds of cultures

Staff Writer Vittoria del Balzo di Presenzano

The World Languages and Cultures department has undoubtedly opened students to new parts of the world, not only by studying a language but by exploring the unique culture of the country in which the language is spoken. Continue reading “One community, hundreds of cultures”

Solving the stress of college applications

Staff Writer Raunak Lally

That time of year has circled around again: college applications, talk about standardized testing and working to maintain a strong GPA. When walking past Bottom-O, seniors are rushing to finish paper rewrites and meeting with teachers to discuss their quarter one grades– the deadline for grades to be submitted to early decision schools.

Most seniors are coming to the end of their applications for early decision and early action, but are still facing the challenges of time management.

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DF Mexico blends classic Mexican cuisine with American diner style

Sports Editor: Print Lily Whitman

Walking into the DF Mexico restaurant on Tottenham Court Road, I was overwhelmed by the different stylish prints across the walls and the blend of quirky decorations. It truly felt like I was surrounded by an array of different cultures, from those of an American diner or Mexican cantina to that of a stylish English restaurant.

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Behind the scenes of the fall play, Museum

Company of Actors
Jonas Kolaja (’21), Ambrose Vannier (’21), Lily Mager (’21), Chaznane Fidahoussen (’19), Bella Spinelli (’21), Maximillian Olsher (’21), Janet Younan (’19), Natalia Smith (’21), Miles Douglas-Mudie (’21), Johnny Foy (’21), Markos Glucksman (’20), Isabel Rosen (’19), Jack Barnett (’20), Sean Collier (’20), Angel Lu (’20), Kleidi Likola (’21), Gigi McQuarrie (’19), Lorenzo Collier (’22), Zoe Goldstein (’19), Annabel Lloyd (’21), Katya Smith (’19), Riley Eileen Steege (’19), Jack Wilkin (’20). Principal Devan Ganeshananthan (voice) and Head of School Robin Appleby (voice).

Director: Buck Herron
Stage Manager: Mark Chapin
Set Construction: Rob Miles
Lighting Design: Mark Chapin
Production Managers: Kat Bohner (’19), Maggie Brosnan (’19), Bella Spinelli
Deputy Stage Manager: Bella Spinelli
Lighting Operator: Yvette Brisebois (’21)
Backstage Crew: Kat Bohner, Maggie Brosnan, Katie Brosnan (’21), Anne Brosnan, Yvette Brisebois (’19), Bella Spinelli
Costumes: Emily Glickman (’20), Heather McQuarrie
Video Supervisor: Joe Harris
Sound Engineer: James Hyde
Program: Kat Bohner, Maggie Brosnan, Sue Cielinski
Posters: Sue Cielinski
Photographer: Tamar Brooks
Senior Citizens Tea: Actor/Crew Parents
FOTA Coordinator: Sue Wheeler


Video by Culture Editor: Online Rohan Haarmann

Stop telling freshmen, “It’s just freshman year.”

Staff Writer Houdah Daniels

Google stress. Skip the first definition and delve straight into the second one: a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or demanding circumstances.

Seniors! Are you stre–? Actually, that’s not even a question. As a junior, I wouldn’t know first hand, but from what I’ve heard, read and witnessed every day, senior year is the epitome of distress. Inevitably, right? And that’s the problem.

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