School should start later

Throughout the United States, schools in 45 different states have begun to start school later in the day. This is due to many studies, including one by the National Sleep Foundation, which show that adolescents need nine and a half hours of sleep each night to be well-rested and ready for the day ahead. ASL should follow in the footsteps of these schools to help benefit the health and academic performance of their students. Continue reading “School should start later”

Reflecting on Trump’s past year

January 23, 2017: it has been one year and two days since Donald Trump took office as the 45th President of the United States, and he has failed to achieve many of his campaign promises.

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Lumiere lights up London winter

Chilly weather and a lack of sunlight are two reasons not to go out in January, however, the 2018 installation of the Lumiere London Light Festival gave me a reason to explore London for a few hours on a Friday night.

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Stop watching the NFL

Of course “injuries are a part of the game,” but the NFL has reached a point where the preponderance of injuries suggest the game is too dangerous to be played in its current state.

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Best of Boxpark Shoreditch

The Boxpark in Shoreditch offers a solution for anyone feeling boxed in by the typical St. John’s Wood High Street restaurants. The Boxpark offers two floors worth of constantly-changing restaurants and pop-up shops inside converted shipping containers. The Boxpark includes everything from milkshakes to fried chicken. There are 17 restaurants in the Boxpark, each offering something unique and delicious. Soft Serve Society, Nosteagia and COQ Fighters are three of our favorites: Continue reading “Best of Boxpark Shoreditch”