Review of I’ll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson

I’ll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson, the critically acclaimed author of The Sky is Everywhere, will give you more than just the sun. On top of warming you from the inside out, it will give you a whole new perspective on life and romance.

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Top five pieces from the Freize and the Freize Masters

Staff Writer Izzy Harris

The Frieze Art Fair takes place during the first weekend of October in Regent’s Park each year. Having never been before,  I had my sights set on attending the renowned contemporary and modern art fair, as well as its traditional pre-20th-Century companion exhibition, Frieze Masters, in the hopes of understanding what about Frieze draws the attention of anyone ranging from art analysts to civilians like me. After spending a day at this year’s Frieze and Frieze Masters, I’ve narrowed it down to five pieces from both exhibits that will stay with me long after the temporary tents are removed from Regent’s Park for another year.

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Teacher book recommendations for Teen Book Week

Staff Writer Allegra Albanese

In celebration of Teen Book Week, which is taking place between October 7-13, high school teachers explain their favorite books and how it changed their perspective.

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Fall Sports Preview

Each athletics season brings the possibility of new athletes, fresh competition and excitement. As the half-way point for the fall athletics season approaches, coaches and athletes reflect on their goals for the season.

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Learning Through the Working Process

Staff Writer Houdah Daniels

In the months leading up to summer, many high school students were finishing up their CVs and searching for jobs. While some students sought opportunities through the ASL supported program, WorkX, which allows students to apply for short-term work experiences, others applied for more typical 9-5 jobs or volunteer work. Continue reading “Learning Through the Working Process”