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If the glam holds true: makeup must-haves

Uma Israni
Makeup serves as an art tool used to enhance the inner glow in every teenager. L’Oréal, Rare Beauty and Makeup by Mario increased in popularity this season due to their innovative product formulas, versatile shade ranges, smooth application and flawless finish.

In an ever-evolving world of trends, makeup has proven to be more than just a daily routine: it’s an art form that reflects changing cultures and personal styles.

Navigating teenage years can be a transformative experience, presenting an opportune time for young people to explore and enhance their confidence.

Makeup, with its array of colors, textures, and styles, provides a creative outlet for teenagers to experiment and express themselves. It serves as a canvas upon which we can paint and showcase our evolving personalities.

Yet, with seemingly endless products on the market, I’m here to determine whether trendy makeup products merit a place in my bag.

L’Oréal’s Telescopic Mascara

L’Oréal’s Telescopic Mascara comes in three shades; Charcoal black, Black-brown, and Blackest-Black, with Blackest-Black being the most popular of the trio.

I’ve had different experiences with mascaras. The clumpy ones have left my lashes resembling a tangled thicket. The overly liquid ones turn my eyes into a raccoon. And those promising lengthening miracles seem to have taken a detour around my lashes, leaving them bare. L’Oreal masterfully avoided these pitfalls.

The L’Oreal Telescopic bottle is a simple yet stylish slim and gold tube. Offered at “Boots” for £7.50, the mascara is a steal as most high-quality variations are priced around £20.

Opening the gold bottle is smooth and effortless, an unexpected demonstration of high quality. The mascara wand, though thin, is drenched in the lush jet-black liquid.

I stole a glance in the mirror, and in the blink of an eye, my lashes were glamorous and lengthy.

After testing it, I assure you that the mascara is worth the hype and nails its purpose. The Telescopic Mascara’s versatility makes it ideal for school, shopping trips, and nights out without breaking your bank balance.

Makeup by Mario’s MoistureGlow

Mario Dedivanovic, one of the most influential makeup artists, launched Makeup by Mario in 2020.

Dedivanovic has created numerous products ranging from his SurrealSkin™ Awakening Concealer to the MoistureGlow™ Plumping Lip Serum.

The MoistureGlow glosses come in two finishes: shimmer and high shine. With seven shades, the symphony of colors provides a variety of gorgeous shades.

The glosses are offered for £28 at Sephora, where I chose the shimmer finish in the shade “Plum Glow.” The bottle is a captivating hue, somewhere between the vibrant shades of pink and the warm allure of orange. It is small and easy to carry in your pocket.

My lips radiated light pink after applying the gloss, perfectly paired with dark tones and bold makeup. The gloss is hydrating and leaves a dewy finish.

Uma Israni

Rare Beauty’s Soft Pinch Liquid Blush

The blush comes in both matte and dewy finishes. The shade range is a visual feast, offering a palette of colors chosen to enhance a diverse array of skin tones.

“Virtue” is a shade between peach and pink, and reminds me of the sunsets in summer. Warm and dewy, it made my skin glow.

The product’s creamy, glossy texture creates an evocative experience, reminiscent of preparing for an evening dinner after a full day of tanning in the sun at the beach. This blush is the perfect alternative to fake a slight sun-kissed glow on your nose.

A mere touch of the creamy liquid – saturated with rich pigmentation – is enough, meaning that while the product provides many uses, it is easy to over-apply.

Out of all of the products, the Rare Beauty blush stands out as a favorite. Its vibrant color and creamy texture add more charm to any rosy cheek.

Makeup is an accessory like we wear clothes, and is also an opportunity to experiment with different products and brands. It is a fun art form or expression of the mood you’re feeling. At the end of the day, your confidence in what you do and who you are shines through the makeup you choose.

Uma Israni
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Uma Israni, Social Media Manager
Uma Israni ('25) is a Social Media Manager for The Standard in Advanced Journalism.

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