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Many students have a tendency to ignore the dangers of online data privacy due to having little prior education on the subject. This has left students vulnerable to data breaches and misinformation.

Students require education on dangers of data, online privacy

Mayuko Kawase, Reporter June 7, 2024

When I open my laptop to complete my daily BuzzFeed quizzes, I get stopped by the pop-up question: “Accept all cookies or reject all cookies?” Which should I select? Should I click “show purposes”...

As editors transitioned into their new roles May 1, The Standards 2024-25 Editorial Board considers their goals and purpose for the coming year. This editorial was originally published in the June 2024 issue of The Standard.

Editorial: Editorial Board reinforces values, establishes structural changes

Editorial Board June 4, 2024

As we approach the upcoming school year, The Standard has implemented a multitude of new policies to strengthen our standards of quality, student advocacy and inclusion. We have significantly restructured...

The United Nations is committed to fostering international peace and global security, yet conflicts in various member nations hinder its founding mission. In Congo and Sudan, humanitarian crises highlight the U.N.s shortcomings in fulfilling its peacekeeping role.

UN fails to fulfill global obligations, worsens ongoing conflicts

Mymy Taymour, Reporter June 3, 2024

The United Nations is committed to fostering international peace and global security. However, due to conflicts plaguing various U.N. member nations, the founding mission of the U.N. has yet to be fulfilled. Article...

With the upcoming summer season, social media apps are being flooded with advertisements promoting fast fashion brands and their upcoming products. As a result of fast fashion production, the world has suffered immense environmental damage that has often gone unnoticed.

Rise of fast fashion throughout summer poses environmental hazards

Rina Kobayashi, Media Team May 27, 2024

No matter which high street you stroll down in London, you're bound to find a Zara or H&M offering quick, affordable clothing. While such shopping is tempting, young generations often overlook the...

The presence of editing app usage on social media platforms worsens insecurities by promoting unrealistic standards. Several editing apps have been created in order to retouch images, but they all have left the same negative impact.

Dishonesty of editing app usage heightens insecurities

Seya Sawiris, Reporter May 22, 2024

Kensington Palace released an image of Kate Middleton and her three children in honor of  Mother’s Day March 10. The picture was later revealed to be edited and run through Adobe Photoshop twice, according...

PRIME energy drinks sit on the shelves of a convenience store. The PRIME energy drink brand was launched in 2022 and has attracted several adolescents.

Point Counterpoint: Should energy drinks be marketed to children?

Alexander Sawan and Nikolay Silva May 21, 2024

No - Nikolay Silva When I first walk into a convenience store, the first thing that catches my eye is the large display of colorful energy drinks. This was also the case even when I was younger. Additionally,...

The Standards Editorial Board addresses the schools Anti-Black environment following an assembly held by the High School administration March 26. This editorial was originally published in the April 2024 issue of The Standard.

Editorial: Anti-Black school environment requires cultural reset, stronger disciplinary action

Editorial Board May 17, 2024

Racism has become a stark fixture within the culture of the High School, a particularly shocking and painful reality as an international school with 70 countries represented in the student body. Just one...

Modern consumer habits have normalized buying and disposing for convenience. Consumerism and throwaway culture has presented many ethical concerns, including social inequality and environmental complications.

Consumerism, throwaway culture raises ethical dilemma

Rania Raj, Reporter May 15, 2024

Summertime is approaching, which means one thing — shops are bound to have an end-of-winter sale. Undoubtedly, many students will be eager to stock up for next winter. Amid this excitement, we overlook...

Over 1 billion people in the world suffer from migraines, according to the National Library of Medicine. Despite their prevalence, migraines are often unacknowledged and misunderstood.

Migraine disorder demands understanding

Tara Behbehani, Opinions Editor: Online April 26, 2024

They’re not considerate or kind. They come unexpectedly and quite literally blind you. One minute, you are getting dressed to go shopping with your friends, and the next, you are wiping off your makeup,...

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