Aligning the consequences of #MeToo

Media Director Quinn Whitman

The #MeToo movement was able to bring down giants in the entertainment industry such as Harvey Weinstein and Matt Lauer at the end of last year. Twelve women came forward this year with allegations of sexual harassment against former CBS Chairman Les Moonves dating back to the 1980s. It is clear that within the entertainment industry, these allegations are being recognized and consequences are being faced when these men are removed from their positions of power. Continue reading “Aligning the consequences of #MeToo”

Stop telling freshmen, “It’s just freshman year.”

Staff Writer Houdah Daniels

Google stress. Skip the first definition and delve straight into the second one: a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or demanding circumstances.

Seniors! Are you stre–? Actually, that’s not even a question. As a junior, I wouldn’t know first hand, but from what I’ve heard, read and witnessed every day, senior year is the epitome of distress. Inevitably, right? And that’s the problem.

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Split Conscience Poll: Social Media

Split conscience is a reoccurring page where Opinions Editor Jonathan Philips writes two sides to an issue, an issue that the editor themselves is undecided about. Students are urged to vote below on which side of the issues they stand on. 

Social Media

Brazil’s Bolsonaro elected after issues ignored

Staff Writer Lucas Romualdo

On October 28, far-right Federal Deputy Jair Bolsonaro won the of Brazilian presidency with a commanding 10-point lead. Throughout this election, international commentators have called Bolsonaro “Brazil’s Trump,” and less frequently compared him to other extreme authoritarian leaders such as Venezuela’s Nicolas Maduro and Turkey’s Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Continue reading “Brazil’s Bolsonaro elected after issues ignored”

NAFTA 2.0 carries implications for all

Staff Writer Sal Cerrell

After months of negotiations, fiery rhetoric, and a bitter war of words between Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and President Donald Trump, all clouding the fate of $1.3 trillion worth of global trade, investors and politicos were put at ease with the announcement of the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA).

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