Governments are polarizing at crucial moments

Cameron Spurr News Editor: Print

In today’s era, politicians whom we trust as legislators and leaders turn on one another instead of taking part in constructive conversation. The political climate has become increasingly polarized and radical, meaning those on the left have normalized policies that would have been considered too extreme by establishment standards. With regards to conservatives, they too have provided sanctuary for nationalistic, racist ideas, disrupting progress in governments and countries worldwide.

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Students should have more choice in shaping advisory

Vittoria del Balzo di Presenzano Staff Writer

It is about time that the administration finds a way to provide students with an advisory program that offers them the support they need in a more efficient and resourceful way.

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Mueller Report highlights flawed attempts to end Trump presidency

Lucas Romualdo News Editor: Online

After a year and a half of investigation into the Trump presidential campaign’s ties with the Russian government, the Special Counsel heading the investigation, former FBI Director Robert Mueller, has determined that there was no criminal collusion between the Russians and the Trump campaign. As written in the report, “[T]he investigation did not establish that members of the Trump Campaign conspired or coordinated with the Russian government in its election interference activities.”

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Staff Writer Houdah Daniels: Why Autism Awareness Month is meaningful to me

Houdah Daniels Staff Writer

Growing up in a Ghanaian household, like many other cultures, my parents emphasized to my siblings and me that it was paramount for us to respect our elders. My dad, in particular, explained that even with twins, if one were to be born hours before the other, they were to be respected as such. Continue reading

The toxicity of teenage dieting

Jasmin Taylor Staff Writer

As a teenage girl, it’s impossible to go about my day without seeing or feeling some form of pressure to conform to Western societies’ standards of beauty. Whether it’s women on TV shaving their already hairless legs to market the newest razors, or women with flawless skin trying to convince me the newest foundation is essential for my beauty, advertising is filled with female expectations of beauty, and it’s everywhere.

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