Steering clear of phone snatchers

Emily Forgash Media Editor

Muggings aren’t just a nightly occurrence, they can happen in broad daylight with the assistance of motorcycles. Katy Welch (’22) was near St. John’s Wood High Street after school in October 2017 with her friend, when she was approached by a person on a motorcycle. “I was watching something on my phone and I had my phone out, and then someone came behind me and grabbed it out of my hand,” she said.

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The process of PCA grants

Editor-in-Chief Ananya Prakash

News Editor: Online Jonathan Novak

When Faris Fakhry (’20) sat down with Technology Coordinator Mariam Mathew to plan a TEDx conference at ASL, he realized Mathew needed to attend a TED Talks Training and Certification in New York. His aspirations simultaneously fell apart when he realized one ticket to New York can cost over £500.

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The precarious year of Entrepreneur Elon Musk

Staff Writer Sal Cerrell

Elon Musk is described by many as a multifaceted individual. Whether it’s launching rockets into space, then landing them back on Earth, manufacturing electric cars that drive themselves, or vowing to “make life multiplanetary” by establishing a human civilization on Mars, he has conceived and pursued a number of unconventional and ambitious ideas. Continue reading “The precarious year of Entrepreneur Elon Musk”

Security concerns pose questions for future of food delivery

Staff Writer Maddy Whitman

While the construction at Waverley Place entrance progresses, food delivery has been restricted. There is yet to be a consensus reached by the High School Administration, the Senior Leadership Team and the Security Team in regards to whether food delivery will be allowed again after Waverley entrance reopens in December.

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Republicans outperform expectations in midterm elections

Staff Writer Lucas Romualdo

Against tough odds, Republicans had a good night with the 2018 midterm elections. Though faced with profound losses across the board, the GOP managed to mitigate these losses in a surprising show of strength.

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