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School appoints David Hill as Interim HS Assistant Principal

Leila Meilman
Math Department Head David Hill will assume the role of Interim High School Assistant Principal for the next school year. The position opened after current High School Assistant Principal Natalie Maisey was announced the 2024-25 Interim High School Principal.

Head of School Matthew Horvat said Math Department Head David Hill will be the Interim High School Assistant Principal for the upcoming school year. Hill will assume the position from current High School Assistant Principal Natalie Maisey, who will become Interim High School Principal next year. 

Horvat said the application process for the role was run through the High School Office, which held a meeting with interested faculty on how to apply. Following a screening process, three finalists were selected internally and then interviews were conducted with the Student Council presidents, the High School administrative team and department chairs, who submitted feedback forms.

Horvat said he prepared questions to ask all three candidates during the interviews to learn more about their individual qualities. 

“I had a set of questions that I asked all three candidates, things like, ‘How do you lead?’”Horvat said. “’How do you lead an organization that you’ve already had a different job in?’ ‘How do you manage that change?'” 

Hill said he decided to apply for the role to follow his professional goals in leadership.

“We found out in the winter that Ms. Maisey’s job would be available next year, so I had a lot of time to really think about the opportunity,” Hill said. “I always knew I was interested in doing an administrative position in education leadership, so when I found out it would be available here, it was a really good opportunity.”

Georgina Angus (’26), a student in Hill’s Geometry with Proof class, said his experience as the Math Department Head sets him up well to become Interim High School Assistant Principal. 

“He definitely has a lot of experience and has amazing potential to be great at being the Assistant Principal, especially since he’s used to working with kids and understanding their learning styles from being a math teacher,” Angus said.

Moreover, Angus said Hill’s communication skills have helped her in class. 

“He’s really good at communication and finding time to talk to other people and getting to know them on a genuine and real basis and knowing their needs,” Angus said. 

I always knew I was interested in doing an administrative position in education leadership.

— Math Department Head David Hill

Hill said in order to prepare for the Interim High School Assistant Principal position, he has been learning from the current administrative team through being a part of the Diversity Equity Inclusion Leadership team. 

“Since I was already giving feedback for diversity, equity and inclusion as a DEIL team member, it was also an opportunity to think about it as a future assistant principal,” Hill said. “Just by watching the current administration and how they are making decisions, I can take advantage of  watching their decision and discussion processes.” 

Horvat said the fact that people who currently work at the school are taking on administrative positions next year will help ease the transition.

“There’s obviously some consistency in the High School administration,” Horvat said. “They know the school so they won’t need to learn some of the basics and logistics, and they can build off some of the things they’ve done this year.”

Hill said he plans to use his experience in the Math Department to help him create an equitable school environment as Interim Assistant Principal.

“I’ve had the opportunity to be in charge of that in the Math Department, really think about our program, what we offer to students and how we advertise the options students have,” Hill said. “It’s something I feel I can offer on a larger level, I really want to look at our High School systems as a whole and figure out what we can be doing better.”

Looking forward, Hill said he is excited to use his interim position to further enhance the productivity and community within the school. 

“I really want to have the opportunity to have a voice in analyzing our high school systems to be as effective and efficient as possible,” Hill said. “I’m really hoping to do a thorough audit of our systems and contribute to positive change to make things more aligned, equitable and responsive to student concerns.”

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