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Internalized misogyny can pressure women to have an aversion to items and concepts associated with feminity, from the color pink to long nail extensions. Students and faculty share thoughts and experiences with the impact of internalized misogyny on self-expression, pursuing interests and the “not like other girls” phenomenon.

Internalized misogyny limits female self-expression, success

Eva Marriott-Fabre, Features Editor: Online May 25, 2022

Computer Science Teacher Livia Piloto said internalized misogyny is the phenomenon when women subconsciously feel hatred for other women in addition to feminine concepts. “It's something that a lot...

Many High School students have created and run businesses that reflect their passions. Through developing these businesses, they have overcome challenges, learned valuable skills and set future goals.

High School students cultivate passions through self-created businesses

Sophia Bassi, Vittoria Di Meo, and Anna Reznick May 17, 2022

Throughout high school, students are often encouraged to explore their passions. Some students take their interests and apply them to create businesses in their respective fields. Many plan to continue...

Pets – whether dogs, cats or goats – can provide a sense of comfort for many in their various shapes and forms. Students and faculty share stories about their pets, from the origin of their names to their favorite hobbies.

Community shares love for pets

Antoine Warnery, Opinions Editor: Online May 11, 2022

Although early humans first sought to domesticate animals as a means of survival, animals have shifted to become companions as well. This love for pets is apparent among many student and faculty members....

Mary Bracht (P’24) attends the Alderney Literary Festival, an annual gathering celebrating historical literature from March 29 to 31, 2019. Bracht’s debut novel, “White Chrysanthemum,” was published in 2018.

Mary Bracht illuminates forgotten injustice of comfort women in ‘White Chrysanthemum’

Eden Leavey, Features Editor: Print May 4, 2022

From 1932 to 1945, the Imperial Japanese Army took approximately 200,000 Asian girls and women to live in brothels where they were sexually assaulted by soldiers several times a day, per the Asian Women’s...

With digitization rising in the global economy, community members reflect on a world progressing without physical money.

Prospect of cashless society prompts contemplation

Rahil Punshi, Staff Writer April 21, 2022

COVID-19 has accelerated the world’s economy going digital, per McKinsey. During 2020, cash was used for only 17% of payments in the U.K., down from 52% in 2019, according to UK Finance. Furthermore,...

Members of the community play several word games, from Wordle and its various spin-offs to The New York Times’ Spelling Bee, Mini Crossword and other puzzles.

Global word games popularity strikes community

Eva Marriott-Fabre, Staff Writer April 8, 2022

In any high school classroom, students and faculty can be overheard saying, “Did you solve it today? How many tries did it take you?” while others crouch over their laptops puzzled at five-letter...

Asian American students reflect on their backgrounds and experiences that formulate the lives they live today. From moving through different cultures to facing pandemic discrimination, students said the Asian American community is extremely close-knit even with a smaller population in any given place.

Asian American students reflect on life in and out of the pandemic

Mika Kobayashi, Staff Writer March 16, 2022

The evolving COVID-19 pandemic sweeping across the globe has been making headlines for over two years. From canceling plans with friends to being unable to contact family, there have been many detrimental...

Novak Djokovic plays at the 2011 Western & Southern Open in Ohio. Djokovic has chosen to be unvaccinated against COVID-19, resulting in public backlash after he tried playing in the 2022 Australian Open, per CBS Sports. Now, students and faculty reflect on the effects of Djokovic and other public figures breaking COVID-19 regulations.

Community examines impact of public figures through pandemic

Sophia Bateman, Staff Writer February 16, 2022

In a pandemic-ridden world, protecting oneself from the spread of COVID-19 has proven to be essential to both individual and public health. Among those not following preventative measures, such as vaccinations...

Students share their experiences with academic pressure and the factors that motivate them to succeed academically.

Students face academic stress due to various pressures

Eden Leavey, Culture Editor: Print February 9, 2022

It’s midnight, and Hadassah Olakanpo (’23) has been working nonstop for hours. Her eyelids feel heavy, but there is still a heap of untouched homework awaiting her. Consequently, the next morning Olakanpo...

Books about approaches to education lie in a pile in Assistant Principal Natalie Jaworksi and Principal Devan Ganeshananthan’s office. According to Director of Teaching and Learning Sarah Donovan Ph.D., the High School has been transitioning to a standards-based learning model.

High School transitions to standards-based learning

Elena Alexander and Giulia Scolari February 7, 2022

Standards-based learning is “working its way” through the High School, per Director of Teaching and Learning Sarah Donovan Ph.D.  Donovan said standards-based learning is a model of learning that...

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