The Complexities of Inclusion

Houdah Daniels Staff Writer

In an exclusively online version of the Complexities of Inclusion, which was featured on page 19 of Issue 3, Staff Writer Houdah Daniels delves deeper into what it means to be on financial aid at ASL. 

In a 1409-student school with an annual tuition cost ranging from  £27,000 to £31,000, being a part of the 11 percent who receive financial aid comes with a range of rewards and disadvantages. The situation in itself is particularly rare as Head of School Robin Appleby explained that “very few international schools actually have financial aid programs… so people are unfamiliar with it in the international school world.”

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High School Principal Devan Ganeshananthan shares his favorite high school memory

Staff Writer Anastasia Ruimy asks High School Principal Devan Ganeshananthan what his favorite memory from high school is and the lessons he learned.

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Phone Dependency: Exploring the overuse of phones in school

Usage and dependency on phones has become a part of everyday life, yet some students and teachers find the normalization alarming.

Phone dependency can lead to issues such as procrastination, distraction and even concerns about safety.

Video by News Editor: Online Jonathan Novak

Defining news in the digital age

Micaella Lavi Staff Writer

Margot Langman (’22) defines news as “information that is being passed from one source to another.” Whether that’s somebody delivering good news or hearing it on the television,  reading it in a newspaper or seeing it social media, Langman believes news can be further defined as anytime someone is “absorbing knowledge from another source.”

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Living with color blindness

Media Editor Imogen Weiss

The room would turn red or green indicating when to stop or start the go-kart, but for Liam Hamama (’20), who is deuteranopia color blind (red-green color blind), this proved to be an impossible task. “I wouldn’t know when [the room] was green or red so I tried looking around me to see what everyone else was doing,” he said. “But on a couple occasions I messed up and when it was green I stopped or vice versa.”

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