Learning Through the Working Process

Staff Writer Houdah Daniels

In the months leading up to summer, many high school students were finishing up their CVs and searching for jobs. While some students sought opportunities through the ASL supported program, WorkX, which allows students to apply for short-term work experiences, others applied for more typical 9-5 jobs or volunteer work. Continue reading “Learning Through the Working Process”

‘Take Care, ASL’: 2018-2019 school year theme

Lead Features Editor John Towfighi

When passing by the Waverley Place entrance, one of the most prominent sights is the school’s dedication to foster “the intellect and character of each student,” as explained in the mission statement painted on the white wall. While academic success serves as the main focus for the High School, building a supportive, interactive environment is essential to the holistic growth of every individual. “Take Care,” the theme for the 2018-19 school year has been put in place to enhance this environment. Continue reading “‘Take Care, ASL’: 2018-2019 school year theme”

Examining the effects of single-use plastic

Uma Mokhtarzadeh Staff Writer

When buying lunch at Panzers, Alice Moyle (’20) was offered a single-use plastic bag for her pre-packaged sandwich. Although meant to be helpful, Moyle believes that the double packaging was pointless, and caused her to consider the usefulness of the excess plastic. “I often walk into Panzers at lunch and see people taking plastic bags for small things they could carry with their hands,” she said. “I wonder what the point is of [a plastic bag] because that one bag has an extremely detrimental effect on the environment.”

Continue reading “Examining the effects of single-use plastic”

AP exams and the additional materials students use

Taylor Anderson Staff Writer

128 students are currently taking 3 or more Advanced Placement (AP) classes, and they will undoubtedly have to spend money on outside materials, including preparatory books and tutors. However, some believe that ASL provides the best resources needed to do well on AP examinations while others believe that these additional efforts are necessary.

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Head of School Reflects On Her First Year At ASL

Eli Nilson Staff Writer

Nearly every morning Head of School Robin Appleby stands at the top of Waverley Place entrance, greeting students for the coming day filled with learning, collaboration, innovation, and diversity. Appleby is consistently working to make sure that students and teachers make the most out of their days and to make sure that they leave ASL as better people who will go out into the world and make a difference.

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