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“Better than the Movies” by Lynn Painter follows protagonist Liz Bauxbaum in her final year of high school, whenthe return of her childhood sweetheart leaves her to navigate the balance between who she wants to be and who she thinks she has to be. Painter takes the reader through an emotional and uplifting journey with likable characters and an intriguing plot.

‘Better than the Movies’ exhilarates the internal hopeless romantic

Vittoria Di Meo, Media Team November 30, 2022

Calling all romance book lovers: I have the utmost confidence that this book will soon become one of your favorites. “Better than the Movies” by Lynn Painter is not just a typical romance novel. It...

The “William Kentridge” exhibition hangs in the Royal Academy, showcasing work from throughout the artist’s 40-year career. The exhibition includes a variety of multimedia work as one of South Africa’s most prominent artists explores themes from his life.

‘William Kentridge’ exhibition at Royal Academy showcases Johannesburg artist

Ashlyn Tate, Reporter November 21, 2022

An exhibition showcasing William Kentridge at the Royal Academy features work from throughout his career, and it certainly does him justice. Kentridge has been widely regarded as one of the most prominent...

Christmas music brings cheer to many in December, but is it really reserved for the holidays? As Mariah Carey begins her annual defrosting, the singer’s influence shapes the spirit, media and lives of the community.

Annual defrosting of Mariah Carey impacts holiday music

Ashlyn Tate and Galilea Birch November 15, 2022

Pop singer Mariah Carey, often referred to as “The Queen of Christmas,” regularly acquires more than three times the number of searches on Google in November, according to Google Trends. The number...

In the spirit of Halloween, reporters Jaden Gardiola, Alice Hay-Smith and Amalya Otero explore London’s spooky history.

On The Haunt: The Ragged School Museum

Jaden Gardiola, Reporter November 7, 2022

Alice Hay-Smith and Amalya Otero contributed.

The newly released “Dahmer” series on Netflix has received buzz from critics. As the most recent of many films, books and documentaries chronicling Jeffrey Dahmer’s story in the 30 years since the murders occurred, one might wonder: did this story need to be re-told?

Netflix series “Dahmer” walks ethical boundaries

Ashlyn Tate, Reporter October 31, 2022

“Be too sweet and you’ll be a goner. Yep, I’ll pull a Jeffrey Dahmer.” Released in 2010, these lyrics from “Cannibal,” the hit Kesha song, contain the name of a man who captured the world’s...

The film “Blonde” follows the dramatized life and career of Marilyn Monroe, directed by Andrew Dominik. Since its premiere in September, the film has been criticized harshly with claims that it is exploitative of Monroe’s legacy.

New ‘Blonde’ film exploits Marilyn Monroe’s image, taints her legacy

Yasmine Rivera, Reporter October 25, 2022

Critics slammed Andrew Dominik’s newest film, “Blonde” at its release, with the movie only receiving more backlash when it was added to Netflix Sept. 28. After watching, I found it hard to disagree...

This fashion month was made significant not by big-name brands, whose shows were largely unsurprising, but by up-and-coming designers changing the idea of ready-to-wear. Fascinating silhouettes, innovative motifs and pieces dedicated to the passing of Queen Elizabeth II stood out among a sea of low-waisted skirts and branded shirts.

Reznick’s Runway Rundown: Best of New York, London, Milan and Paris

Anna Reznick, Columnist October 18, 2022

Name brands like Chanel and Dior may be well-known by the average person, but the reality of fashion is small names and rising brands. Each season, one month in both the fall and the spring, designers...

Culture Editor: Print Anahi Pellathy overviews the schools trends. Recently, the school has seen a rise of New Balance shoes, shoulder bags and flared pants.

Trend report: New Balance shoes, shoulder bags, flare jeans

Anahi Pellathy, Culture Editor: Print October 3, 2022

New Balance shoes New Balance, a shoe and athletic clothing retailer founded in 1906, has recently experienced a major spike in popularity. Popular figures for younger generations, such as rapper Jack...

Lou Michelson (’24), pictured on the far right, dances in the musical number “What You Want” during a rehearsal Sept. 23 for the High School fall production of “Legally Blonde.” As a new student from California, Michelson received the news she was cast as the lead character, Elle Woods, shortly after the new school year began.

New Grade 11 student cast as lead role in ‘Legally Blonde’ production

Clara Martinez, Lead Culture Editor September 26, 2022

At a quarter to 7 p.m. Sept. 11, Lou Michelson (’24) received the cast list for the High School fall production of “Legally Blonde.” Michelson said she videoed her reaction to its release for fun,...

Opinions Editor: Print Emma Lucas, Culture Editor: Print Anahi Pellathy and Sports Editor: Online Tristan Weiss review açaí restaurants across London. Each editor rates each bowl based on various categories: originality, price, taste and presentation.

The Standard reviews açaí bowls

Emma Lucas, Anahi Pellathy, and Tristan Weiss September 23, 2022

  Music used with permission from iMovie

“My Year of Rest and Relaxation” by Ottessa Moshfegh follows a wealthy Columbia University graduate living on the Upper East Side as she spends a year in a drug-induced coma. During the summer, this novel joined a plethora of trending TikTok beach reads.

#BookTok Review: ‘My Year of Rest and Relaxation’ questions material happiness, privilege

Clara Martinez, Lead Culture Editor September 12, 2022

Welcome back to a new year of #Booktok Bookshelf, where I, a self-proclaimed Hemingway and Fitzgerald enthusiast, review the novels trending among young people so you do not have to. “My Year of Rest...

Sinan Sensurucu (’23), Tristan Weiss (’23) and Sam Singer (’23) attend the Wireless Festival, a three-day series of music performances, at Crystal Palace July 2. After two years of festival and concert cancellations due to COVID-19, London became a hub for music, with artists such as Travis Scott and Elton John returning to sold-out audiences.

Summer music rewind: Resurgence of concerts, music festivals attract crowds

Clara Martinez, Anahi Pellathy, and Maarya Shafqat Adil September 5, 2022

British Summer Time Festival – Hyde Park, June 24  With the British Summer Time music festival in Hyde Park taking place just a short walk from her house, Sofia Limena (’24) said her parents took...

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