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Top 5 summer recipes

Grace Hamilton
With summer weather comes a number of seasonal foods, from popsicles to corn on the cob to grilled vegetables. Here are five recipes perfect for summer.

When summer finally rolls around, I can’t help but pull out my recipe book. Warming temperatures and sunshine draw out a plethora of seasonal flavors and foods, from popsicles to corn on the cob to grilled vegetables. As a self-proclaimed culinary connoisseur, here are five recipes to whip up this summer.


Any summer recipe book would be incomplete without gazpacho. With a total cooking time of 20 minutes, gazpacho is remarkably easy to make and ideal for days when a refreshing, cold snack or light lunch is needed.

Gazpacho, which originates from Spain, is a cold soup consisting of blended vegetables. Characterized by its distinct flavor and fresh quality, gazpacho is perfect for days when it is too difficult to whip up a complicated recipe. This delicious savory soup recipe yields eight servings and is the perfect option for those seeking to experiment with a diverse dish.


Nachos, the renowned Mexican dish, could not make for a better summer food. Nachos are remarkably versatile, whether it take form as a snack, an appetizer or a casual dinner. This recipe takes merely 10 minutes to prepare and is loaded with cheese, refried beans, guacamole and salsa. The final product is a delicious blend of flavors, rendering it the perfect summer meal. Everyone needs some good nachos from time to time.

Quinoa tabbouleh

Nothing tops some good quinoa tabbouleh. A classic Middle Eastern salad, quinoa tabbouleh is packed with protein and other nutrients. This quinoa tabbouleh recipe serves six and only requires 20 minutes of cooking time. The dish is remarkably easy to make and sure to satisfy anyone craving a more unique take on the classic summer salad. 

Red velvet cupcakes

Looking for a sweet, summery treat? Give these delicious red velvet cupcakes a try. These cupcakes require very little time to make – just 20 minutes of preparation and 40 minutes of baking. The distinctive cream cheese frosting offers a sweetness tempered by a bit of tang, striking a perfect flavor balance. Moist, fluffy, creamy and undeniably delicious, these cupcakes are a must-have summer recipe.

Strawberry shortcake

Perhaps one of the tastiest summer desserts of all time, this strawberry shortcake recipe yields six servings and requires 40 cumulative minutes of preparation and cooking time. Strawberry shortcake is topped with whipped cream and strawberries and is defined by its sweet, soft consistency. Perfect for a picnic, snack or dessert, strawberry shortcake is a delicious and classic summer recipe.

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Grace Hamilton, Editor-in-Chief
Grace Hamilton (’23) is the Editor-in-Chief of The Standard. Her love for writing stemmed into a passion for journalism, and she became involved with The Standard in Grade 9. Journalism provides her a powerful platform to inform the ASL community and learn more about local and global perspectives, issues and events. Outside of journalism, Hamilton leads the Sustainability Council, writes creatively and sails competitively.

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