British Literature students attend ‘NW Trilogy’ performance


Grace Hamilton

British Literature students congregate outside the Kiln Theatre after viewing a performance of the play “NW Trilogy” Sept. 29. The play consisted of three acts with a total duration of two hours.

Grace Hamilton, Lead Culture Editor

Grade 11 and 12 students enrolled in the British Literature class attended a performance of “NW Trilogy” at Kiln Theatre Sept. 29. Accompanied by faculty chaperones, students walked to Kiln Theatre in Kilburn to view the show, which consisted of three acts with a total duration of two hours.

The trip intended to further immerse students in works of British literature beyond the walls of the classroom, per HS English Teacher Alissa Mears. The play chronicles individual stories of culture and life in the United Kingdom and tackles themes of dissonance, racism and socioeconomic division.

Julia Neant (’23), a British Literature student, said the play unearthed the theme of immigration and thus expanded her knowledge of cultural differences in the U.K., shedding light on varying perspectives she had not previously considered. 

“It gave me a deeper understanding of ‘Great Expectations,’ which we’re reading in British Literature class,” she said. “Life seemed like it was pretty difficult for immigrants back then, and it also makes me realize how the U.K. has evolved as a society overall.”