Standard publishes Commitment to Diversity

Standard publishes Commitment to Diversity

Recognizing that diversity is the cornerstone of our work and our coverage, The Standard embarked on a process more than a year ago to produce its own commitment to diversity. Through the Editorial Board’s process of brainstorming, drafting, refining and consulting, The Standard is now in a position to publish its commitment to diversity, found below and in our policies section.

Commitment to Diversity

As journalists, it is our job to report on a wide array of issues and events as well as acknowledge multiple perspectives. We recognize our influence and ensure we will use our platforms responsibly to represent a myriad of voices across the community. Furthermore, we pledge to evaluate ourselves regularly and accept feedback from our readers to provide the necessary commitment to these values.

Range of topics

It is imperative to cover a range of topics across our publication. We strive to cover subjects beyond the Eurocentric and instead represent the true variety of stories within our community and the world.

In addition, we encourage any and all community members to submit story ideas that shed light on underrepresented topics as well as center voices of marginalized groups that we are not currently covering proportionally. With our platform, we have a duty to uplift these stories.

Thus, we will monitor the diversity of our coverage in regard to local and international topics, views within the community and issues less prevalent in mainstream media.

Multiple angles

We are committed to fostering diversity by representing a range of perspectives in our work. It is essential to the integrity of our publication that there are a variety of sources and opinions in our content. We work to platform those voices to represent the true makeup of the community.

We are also committed to evaluating our variation of sources and viewpoints by utilizing a source-tracking list, school-wide surveys and internal conversations about our fulfillment of these criteria. In the content we publish, we strive to genuinely and fairly report through the perspectives we platform.

Different forms of diversity

The Standard is dedicated to representing diversity in all forms, including but not limited to race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexuality, sex, ability and ideology.

Furthermore, we prioritize covering a diverse range of experiences and opinions through interviewing and listening to different people. In doing so, our staff strives to respect and accurately portray the identities of our sources.

We must showcase and represent all forms of diversity and the intersectionality of identities by amplifying voices of the community in our articles, as well as by encouraging and publishing guest pieces, which we approve as an Editorial Board.

Our leadership endeavors for every member of our team to feel a sense of belonging and that they are seen and respected as individuals.


The publication aims to continuously improve and revise our work and ethos to adhere to the utmost journalistic standards and ethics. To achieve this, we encourage the community to express any comments or concerns regarding how we display and exercise our commitment to diversity. Additionally, we welcome input on whether we aptly uphold diversity and inclusivity in our coverage.

Achieving our goals is a continual process. We want to reaffirm our dedication by not only prizing diversity but deeply and respectfully listening to people of different backgrounds and experiences. Our unanimous belief in the value of diversity and representation drives our accountability to the goals outlined in this statement.

Last revised April 22, 2022


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