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Change in editorial board highlights power of reflection

Zainab Shafqat Adil
The 2019-20 editorial board reflects on their journey on The Standard this year, and recognizes that despite the change of staff, their role remains the same.

As the year comes to a close, The Standard’s current editorial board transitions into a new one, with members applying for new positions and Grade 12 students graduating from their titles. At this time, the editors wanted to thank our audience for engaging with The Standard’s content and reading our work. We would not be able to do what we do without the consistent support of our readers. 

When deciding on an editorial idea, all final votes are taken anonymously. This usually results in a decent split between votes. However, for the first time this year, there was a unanimous vote to choose this idea. All editors felt that we needed to use the final editorial to reflect on our year together.

In our last few classes, there has been a heightened bittersweet feeling. The changeover of The Standard’s staff is a defining point of the school year. We all wish that we could go through it in person, sharing a final print cycle and feeling a sense of closure. Yet in our current situation, writing together for a final time serves as our goodbye to the community.

Change calls for reflection. It is important to look back over this year, and all this staff has been able to achieve. Working together, we have created multiple award-winning newspapers, online packages and special editions. Our website has also grown exponentially. Yet, beyond our content, we fostered relationships that make us feel like a family. These connections have allowed us to collaborate joyfully and effectively. The journalism room has been filled with laughter and inspiring debates, which naturally pushed the boundaries of what we could create. 

The two special editions we produced were of particular note. They were hybrid endeavours, with both print and online components, a true testament to the collaboration of our staff. The State of Democracy Special Edition differed from our usual course, as editors worked to cover a topic that is not only complex, but also holds immense value for journalism. Most recently, the Coronavirus Special Edition aimed to bridge the community together at a time when creating connections has become increasingly difficult.

While it is difficult to move on from the great team dynamic this editorial board has had, the change is also an exciting time. Grade 12 editors prepare for college and the next chapter of their lives. Meanwhile, other members of staff get a chance to try a new position and further their experience in journalism. 

In a time of change, looking back over progress, success, challenges and everything in between can be a beneficial exercise. Even more so this year, where normal practices have been upended, there is power in appreciating hard work and growth. Likewise, we should endeavor to prevent ourselves from letting other memories of the year get lost in the shadow of these unusual circumstances.

It is also important to remember that The Standard is not the only student group experiencing this feeling. Isolation is cutting short goodbyes and happy endings for everyone. 

It is during times such as these where we realize just how much importance our community has in lifting one another. With student-led organizations continuing to run and students and faculty attempting to replicate the typical operations of the school, there is still a chance for the community to still create long-lasting memories and receive some closure by the end of this unconventional year. 

Although the staff is changing, The Standard’s role will remain the same. We will continue to be committed to providing informative and engaging content to the school community, striving to provide a platform that ensures that every voice in the community is heard. More so, we will work towards continuing to improve, just as we did this year.


Congratulations to the new Editorial Board for 2020-2021!

Editor-in-Chief Emily Forgash

Deputy Editor-in-Chief: Print Lea George

Co-Deputy Editor-in-Chief: Online Helen Roth

Co-Deputy Editor-in-Chief: Online Sal Cerrell

Lead News Editor: Cameron Spurr

News Editor: Print Gabrielle Meidar

News Editor: Online Sajah Ali

Lead Features Editor: Isabel Link

Features Editor: Print Ella Podurgiel

Features Editor: Online Mia George

Opinions Editor: Print Polina Dashevsky

Opinions Editor: Online Daniel de Beer

Culture Editor: Print Zainab Shafqat Adil

Culture Editor: Online Grace Hamilton

Sports Editor: Print Kira Crutcher

Sports Editor: Online Jasmin Taylor

Media Director Maddy Whitman

Media Editor Maarya Shafqat Adil

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About the Contributor
Zainab Shafqat Adil
Zainab Shafqat Adil, Features Editor: Print
Zainab Shafqat Adil (’22) is the Features Editor: Print of The Standard. She joined the publication as a staff writer in her freshman year, and was the Features Editor: Print during Grade 10, and Culture Editor: Print during Grade 11. She enjoys journalism because it informs people about ideas and issues, and is a platform that can uplift voices in a community. Outside of The Standard, she is interested in art, social justice and volleyball.

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