Encouraging guest writers

As stated in our mission statement, The Standard’s primary aim is to create a “collaborative, open forum that cultivates productive dialogue.” With this statement as the cornerstone of our publication, we encourage all students, faculty and staff to take on the role of a guest writer.

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Editorial: Taking care?

The stress of high school can oftentimes feel overwhelming. Many students struggle with overwhelming workloads, time-consuming extracurriculars and pressures resulting from an active social life. We as the Editorial Board believe it is important that students feel they have a trusted support system they can rely on. Continue reading “Editorial: Taking care?”

Saying meaningful goodbyes

Each spring, approximately 10 percent of ASL’s 1350 community members do not return for the following school year. And each fall, those spaces are replaced with new faces.

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Testing culture exposes privilege

Each school year, the months of April and May are fraught with stress as the Advanced Placement (AP) exams draw closer. However, what is often left undiscussed amongst the student body and the administration is the extortionate cost APs present to some families and the underlying assumption of privilege surrounding a testing culture.

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The power of student voices

As student journalists, we strive to embody the courage to act. At the forefront of our work lies the core values as well as our mission statement. In every issue we produce, we publish our goal to “[create] a collaborative, open forum that cultivates productive dialogue within the school community.” However, this environment cannot be fulfilled when we lose the ability to use our voices. Continue reading “The power of student voices”