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Athletes reveal preseason training regimen, preparation

Laila Taraporevala
Coach Krupp rounds up the athletes trying out for the basketball team Nov.13. Shelby Yousey (’25) said that tryouts were a good start for team bonding and preparation. “Tryouts were a lot of fun because because I got to show what I had been working on. I also think it helped with bonding.

For many athletes such as Siena Cesare (’27), perfecting a sport can require tedious hours of year-long training. Cesare usually practices tennis after school, and while she said she enjoys it most of the time, her demanding schedule can cause exhaustion that drains her of energy for other activities.

Various student-athletes prepare and train for their sports ahead of the season, each with a distinct approach depending on the sport and their skill level.

Shelbe Yousey (’25), a member of the boys’ varsity basketball team since Grade 9, said it was important to maintain strong physical condition during the off-season.

“Me and a couple of friends from school go and just play to get ready for the season,” Yousey said. “[I also participate in] club basketball that goes all year round and also the open gyms to keep my body in shape.”

Similarly, Ari Dacy (’25) said he finds value in training alongside his peers to model the competitive environment he faces at rugby practices.

“When you train with your friends, you’re a little more acclimated and used to what you need to do, or at least more prepared for [the season] if that makes sense,” Dacy said.

Regarding his physical goals, Dacy said he planned to “work out and eat a decent amount” to build muscle mass leading up to the rugby season.

Similarly, Cesare said she also values training with fellow athletes to simulate match conditions.

“I train in groups as well as individually because it is important to get a sense of playing against other kids your age, as well as with a coach,” Cesare said.

Rohan Schonfeld (’26) said training ahead of the volleyball season gives him an advantage compared to other athletes who haven’t prepared as diligently.

“I’d say it kinda gives you a head start because if I hadn’t actually practiced and learned certain things I would’ve been significantly behind those who have actually played in years prior,” Schonfeld said.

Moreover, Dacy said pre-season training allows him to adapt to the sport and hit the ground running when the season begins.

“It gives you a boost because you’re more able to do what the sport demands going into the season, rather than just throwing yourself out on the pitch on the first day of training,” Dacy said.

Ultimately, Yousey said pre-season basketball training acts as a meaningful transition into the basketball season for not only himself but also for his teammates to come together.

“You’re already ready to go, and you’ve already worked out some of the kinks,” Yousey said. “It’s really just about coming together as a team and not really building skills once the season comes.”

Multimedia by Seya Sawiris
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