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Ja Morant dribbles the ball up the court for the Memphis Grizzlies April 27. He had been suspended indefinitely after being caught with a firearm while travelling with the team, his second suspension after a similar offense in March.

Ja Morant’s firearm incidents prompt concern around influence of athletes’ actions

Colton Stenson, Reporter May 22, 2023

NBA player Temetrius Jamel Morant, also known as Ja Morant, flashed a firearm in a video posted on social media May 13. A similar violation of NBA regulations was captured March 4 when Morant flashed a...

Lead Sports Editor Spencer Towfighi and Rishi Kurada (’23) discuss Chelsea’s future after the sacking of former manager Thomas Tuchel.

Eagle Eye Football: Chelsea sacks Thomas Tuchel

Spencer Towfighi, Lead Sports Editor September 22, 2022

In running competitions, studies have proven that certain shoes enhance performance. These shoes are typically more expensive, perpetuating a socioeconomic disparity between runners.

Superior athletic equipment unfairly enhance athletic performance

Rahil Punshi, Staff Writer June 17, 2022

Have you ever felt intimidated by an opponent because of their expensive soccer shoes? Do you think those enhanced shoes give them an unfair advantage? As an avid soccer player myself, these questions...

David Culley was fired by the Houston Texans after leading them to a surprisingly impressive season given the disastrous circumstances he faced.

Firings of Black NFL head coaches spark diversity debate

Benjamin Mills-Knutsen, Staff Writer March 3, 2022

The NFL is an incredibly popular sport in the U.S., but the league’s so-called strive for diversity hasn't impressed most fans. The league's stance against former San Francisco 49ers Quarterback Colin...

Racism has long permeated the sport of soccer. But, certain strategies can be implemented to mitigate the issue.

Ways to kick out racism from soccer

Nassef Sawiris, Staff Writer February 17, 2022

Racism and discrimination still cruelly pervade our society today. These aspects, therefore, are heavily present in soccer. Fans are consistently discriminating against players and managers. These messages...

Sexual abuse often goes unnoticed in the dance world, and the dismissive yet toxic culture follows dancers into ballet companies. In recent years, however, dancers have begun to come forward about their experiences.

Sexual misconduct persists within ballet companies

Eden Leavey, Culture Editor: Print September 23, 2021

Ballet is an art form that requires great discipline and dedication to succeed. One must learn to move and manipulate their body in unnatural ways to perform complex steps. Likewise, dancers are expected...

After extensive media coverage about the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, Simone Biles pulled out of the competition due to mental health issues, demonstrating the impact negative media pressure can have on an athlete’s performance.

The world is watching: Media pressure on athletes

Sophia Bassi, Staff Writer September 9, 2021

Imagine opening up a news page only to find articles upon articles about how you, “the greatest athlete in the world,” are predicted to win a competition. In a couple of hours, you must step onto the...

The European Super League, announced April 18, was widely criticized for disrespecting the culture of English football. It was disbanded less than a week later, however it will take a long time for the English clubs involved to regain the trust of their supporters.

European Super League sheds light on capitalism within sports industry

Jasmin Taylor, Sports Editor: Print April 30, 2021

The European Super League fell apart as quickly as it was announced. On the night of April 18, ripples of shock spread across the football community when it was revealed that 12 of the biggest European...

Ex Houston Rockets guard James Harden dunks on Washington Wizards player Davis Bertans. Harden was traded to the Brooklyn Nets this year. The Nets are currently second in the East with a 37-18 record, according to the NBA Website.

NBA teams make controversial trades

Spencer Towfighi, Staff Writer April 21, 2021

Following the NBA trade deadline March 25, some teams positioned themselves to fight for an NBA championship, while others made poor trades that could severely affect them in the future. Best trade:...

Though in-person classes resumed this semester, sports programs were noticeably absent from the student experience. However, with the necessary precautions, non-contact sports should be allowed to take place.

Non-contact sports should take place after school

Vittoria Di Meo, Staff Writer December 2, 2020

Though in-person classes resumed this semester, sports programs were noticeably absent from the student experience. An email was sent out to high school students from the administration stating that...

Race officials attempting to stop Kathrine Switzer from running the Boston Marathon. Switzer became the first registered woman to ever officially run the marathon, encouraging a change in athletics legislation calling for more gender equality in marathons.

Athletics, activism: an intertwined history

Jasmin Taylor, Sports Editor: Online September 29, 2020

“Sticking to sports” or being told to “shut up and dribble” has never been easy for athletes. Sports are often connected with current events, as athletes are people beyond their sport and are deeply...

Gender inequality in sports has been an issue for decades. Sports Editor: Jasmin Taylor highlights these inequities from a social media standpoint.

Attitudes towards female athletes must change

Jasmin Taylor, Sports Editor: Online June 1, 2020

Gender inequality in sports is a topic that has been widely spoken about throughout the past decade. Everyone is aware that there is a pay gap between female and male athletes. For example, according to...

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