NAHS transfers art to digital platform


Photo courtesy of AJ Laurienti

Photo of Canary Wharf tube station taken by AJ Laurienti (’21).

Cameron Spurr, Lead News Editor

As the campus closure prevented the in-person celebration of student artwork, the National Art Honor Society attempted to replicate the celebration with a 3D virtual experience to enable members of the community to still enjoy the hard work of students. Initially, the NAHS intended to display works around campus, but once school closed March 13, they searched for ways to salvage the celebration.

To create the virtual experience, the NAHS used KUNSTMATRIX, a German-based website which, according to its website, is a “unique tool that enables you to create beautiful 3D showcases of your art to impress art lovers and collectors.” 

President of the NAHS Ingie ElKhazindar (’21) said that the NAHS is satisfied with how the exhibition turned out.

“We were just really happy with it because it gives the sense of reality,” she said. “You are able to walk through it with the arrows on the screen.”

According to ElKhazindar, the exhibition is a compilation of various pieces of art with a diverse scope of creativity.

“We wanted it to celebrate students and all of their artwork, their creativity and kind of just wrap up the whole year and end it on a high note,” she said. “For us, it was really important to include different types of art … There are paintings, there are drawings, there are collages, there’s photography.”

Though the NAHS only recently created its website, ElKhazindar said that it has been a useful platform to both display student works and provide further artistic resources to the community.

“Not only do we have our own virtual exhibition on [the website], but we also have other exhibitions from museums around the world that we think are interesting that people might want to access,” ElKhazindar said.

You can access the 3D virtual exhibition and further content from the NAHS’ new website here.

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