Student commits to Cornell University for rowing


Liv Lueneburger (’21) rows with her team Tideway Scullers. She started rowing in Grade 9, and verbally committed to row at Cornell University Sept. 14.

Kira Crutcher, Sports Editor: Print

Liv Lueneburger (’21) verbally committed to row at Cornell University next fall Sept. 14. Lueneburger started crew in Grade 9, and said she stuck with it partially because of the team spirit and how she felt really supported by her teammates. 

“We’re all on the same boat and we were happy for each other when we PB [got a personal best], rather than being jealous,” she said. 

Lueneburger said she was talking to several universities, and had narrowed her top three down to Georgetown University, the University of Pennsylvania  and Cornell University.

When it came to making a decision, Lueneburger said one reason she chose Cornell was because of the coaches. 

“I just knew that I wanted to row under them,” she said. 

I just felt that Cornell was the sort of atmosphere that I would want to row in and study at.”

Due to COVID-19, Lueneburger was unable to make an official visit to Cornell, something athletes commonly do before committing to a school. Instead, she was able to meet the team over Zoom. 

“I just felt that was the sort of atmosphere that I would want to row in and study at,” she said. “Obviously, it is a great school too.” 

Before Lueneburger committed, she said that Cornell had limited funding due to money spent on COVID-19 testing, so she was unsure of what the outcome would be. 

“The second they knew they had another spot [for me], I was really excited to be a part of the team,” she said. 

Last March, Lueneburger tested positive for COVID-19, so she was unable to give the coaches updates in her rowing progress, such as new times. 

“It was just weeks upon weeks of the prime recruiting time that I just didn’t have anything to send them at that point, so it was pretty stressful, but I am glad that I got back to a point to be able to be recruited,” she said. 

I just knew that I wanted to row under Cornell.”

Lueneburger said COVID-19 continues to impact her rowing due to being unable to easily travel to Tideways Scullers School, the club she rows for. As a result, she has mainly trained at home on an erg machine in order to improve her endurance and prepare for collegiate athletics. 

In addition, Lueneburger said living abroad made it difficult for coaches to actually see her out on the water. 

“Even though you can send videos, it is just not the same thing,” she said. 

Lueneburger said she is excited to row for the team and attend her “first choice” school next year.