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New Grade 11 student cast as lead role in ‘Legally Blonde’ production

Clara Martinez
Lou Michelson (’24), pictured on the far right, dances in the musical number “What You Want” during a rehearsal Sept. 23 for the High School fall production of “Legally Blonde.” As a new student from California, Michelson received the news she was cast as the lead character, Elle Woods, shortly after the new school year began.

At a quarter to 7 p.m. Sept. 11, Lou Michelson (’24) received the cast list for the High School fall production of “Legally Blonde.” Michelson said she videoed her reaction to its release for fun, unknowingly capturing the moment she discovered she had been cast as the musical’s lead character, Elle Woods.

Michelson said she doubted she would be cast as the lead because of the character’s typical presentation as a blonde and high singing range.

“It wasn’t something that crossed my mind because I never thought I could do it,” she said. “I was a brunette alto. That’s not a role that anyone would even consider me for.”

Michelson said she moved to London from a girls’ school in Los Angeles, California, where she performed in almost every school production since middle school. She said she knew that she wanted to audition for this year’s production even before her time at the school started.

“It felt like a great way to find a community and also have fun while doing it,” she said.

When Michelson learned the production was set to be “Legally Blonde,” she said her eagerness to participate grew. 

Graphic by Clara Martinez

“‘Legally Blonde’ is one of my all-time favorite shows and one of my all-time dream roles that I never ever thought I would get,” she said. 

On the first day of auditions Sept. 5, Michelson said she was initially apprehensive because of the “tight-knit community” of theater.

“It’s great to be a part of, but entering it can be difficult,” she said. “I was just very nervous to meet everyone, but I was more excited.”

To perform the role, Michelson said she is “really just pushing myself to try and be the best I can be,” which involves maintaining the health of her voice. 

In addition to juggling rehearsals, Michelson said she is also trying to adapt to her new classes. She attends after-school rehearsals nearly every day, which she said has benefited her time management skills. 

“Having a full schedule helps me get my homework done quicker, so I’ve been able to balance it pretty well,” she said.

Moreover, Michelson said those involved in the production have helped welcome her to the school. 

“Everyone’s really accepting and wants to hear everything about you, and it makes you feel like people really want you there,” she said.

Ultimately, Michelson said the dedication of her castmates in each rehearsal makes the experience more enjoyable.

“It’s very hard to find a community where everyone is really, really into it, but everyone is really, really into it,” she said. “It’s great to just be a part of that.”

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Clara Martinez, Editor-in-Chief
Clara Martinez (’24) is the Editor-in-Chief for The Standard. She began journalism as an editor of the Middle School newspaper The Scroll and joined The Standard in Grade 9. Martinez is drawn to investigative news stories and profiles, although she does enjoy producing the occasional broadcast or photo gallery. In or out of the newsroom, she can always be found with a pocket-sized notebook and pen in hand.

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