London offers range of Mexican restaurants


Galilea Birch

Mexican food is one of the most popular cuisines in the world. In London, a multicultural city, Reporter Galilea Birch offers the best Mexican food in the city.

Galilea Birch, Reporter

London is home to a diverse selection of cuisine, with a variety of Mexican restaurants. Each one is distinct in its flavors and levels of authenticity. Some might prefer a more genuine dining experience, while others might just want a quick Tex-Mex burrito. 

Mexican cuisine includes many different dishes: tacos, enchiladas, quesadillas and a wide range of “sopas,” or soups, to name just a few. There are thousands of dining options in the city, and I have visited a few of the most popular Mexican restaurants to shorten your hunt. 


Whenever I think of Mexican food, I imagine tacos. With Taqueria’s impressively wide variety of types of tacos, from classic “cochinita pibil” to the new vegetarian addition of plantain, there are options for any dietary requirement. The food arrives extremely quickly, making it a speedy meal. 

With Notting Hill High Street nearby, you have plenty of time after your food to browse the shops. I would recommend this restaurant to those who are not necessarily looking for a culturally accurate experience but are satisfied with a good meal. Taqueria is a good choice as a restaurant, earning four stars out of five. 


Mestizo is known for its authenticity. The restaurant has many tables, accommodating both large groups and solo diners. There is a warm and welcoming atmosphere within the restaurant, thanks to beautiful decorations, light fixtures and classic symbols that reminded me of the streets of Mexico. 

Unfortunately, the food did take an unusually long time of about 40 minutes, but it was made up for by the flavorful dishes. To add to the authentic feel, a Mexican market selling classic snacks, candy and cooking ingredients is right next door. In total, I rate Mestizo a four out of five stars. 

Galilea Birch


Tortilla is the type of restaurant for a quick meal or an online order. With locations all across London, you can enjoy their Californian-inspired burritos almost anywhere in the city. The ordering process reminded me of Chipotle, where you walk along the counter and pick toppings as you go before paying, making it a quick process. 

Since Tortilla is typically on or near neighborhood high streets, there is usually a nearby location that makes it a convenient option. Although Tortilla was not my favorite, the food is reliable and easy to grab, garnering a three out of five stars. 


Wahaca is one of the most well-known Mexican restaurants in London and has numerous locations across the city. Its popularity means dinner reservations are in high demand, but I experienced poor service and the constant running employees created a stressful environment. Despite this, the food was amazing and, in my opinion, made up for the service. 

There are many vegetarian options available, as well as a range of taco, quesadilla, enchilada and burrito options. The most popular location is right around the corner from Oxford Street and is perfect for a meal with friends. Wahaca is definitely one of the best Mexican restaurants in London, gaining a four and a half out of five stars, limited only by the poor service. Mexican food is one of the most popular cuisines in the world. In London, a multicultural city, Reporter Galilea Birch offers the best Mexican food in the city.