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Pajama-wearing raises conversation around appropriate attire

Zoe Karibian
The number of students wearing pajamas to school has increased throughout the school year. The themed “Comfy Clothes Day” during Spirit Week had the highest participation across all four grade levels.

 The themed “Comfy Clothes Day” during Spirit Week is an opportunity for students to dress in their most casual attire to earn points for a grade-level spirit competition. According to the Student Council, the most recent “Comfy Clothes Day” occurred Feb. 13, with a turnout of 37.8% of Grade 11 members, 41% of Grade 9 members, 41.4% of Grade 10 members and 80% of Grade 12 members wearing pajamas. Some students walk the school halls in sweatpants or pajama bottoms throughout the year, ranging from plaid pants to hoodies, slippers and Crocs. 

Jagger Price (’26) said she wears sweatpants and pajamas in the colder seasons because they are comfortable.

“Wearing pajamas is a lot of fun and just really relaxing because I don’t have to think about what I’m gonna wear in the morning,” Price said. “Unlike jeans, I can move around really easily in them.”

Echoing Price, English Teacher Sean Linton said he recognized an increase in those wearing pajamas to school with cooler temperatures during the winter. 

According to an online survey conducted by The Standard March 27-April 2, 68% of students said they have noticed an increase in students wearing pajamas to school and 82% said the school should not limit pajama wear. The survey also revealed that 84.6% of students said wearing pajamas to school does not negatively impact their learning environment.      

Unlike jeans, I can move around really easily in them.

— Jagger Price ('26)

Varsity girls volleyball player Layla Khatiblou (’25) said many sports teams coordinate their pajama wear. 

“A lot of times, the sports teams have matching sweatpants or pajama pants,” Khatiblou said. “People just want to be comfortable and it’s just fun to be comfy and matching with your teammates.”

Price said as long as the pajamas are clean and have not been slept in, wearing them to school is appropriate.

“I understand how people are probably normally, like, tired in the morning, and it’s hard to choose an outfit,” Price said. “So, I feel like it’s okay as long as it’s just, like, not dirty.”

From a teacher’s perspective, Linton said the clothes he wears at school are different from the casual clothing he wears at home as a method to separate the mentalities of leisure and work.

“There should be this separation between relaxing and then being at work,” Linton said. “Wearing more formal clothes to school kind of puts me in this working mindset, whereas pajamas kind of does the opposite.”

Similarly, Nikolai Kovach (’24) said wearing pajamas could potentially distract students from their schoolwork. 

“Pajama days are great,” Kovach said. “I don’t necessarily think that we should wear pajamas to school every day because for me, it kind of reminds me of being in bed and relaxing on the weekend.” 

Kovach also said wearing pajamas at school can overshadow the excitement of wearing pajamas on Spirit Days, rendering it like “any other normal day.”

There should be this separation between relaxing and then being at work.

— English Teacher Sean Linton

Ultimately, Khatiblou said students should wear whatever makes them feel most comfortable and able to participate in a learning environment.

“Wearing pajamas at school is totally okay, like, people should just be comfortable going to school,” Khatiblou said. “If you’re most comfortable in your pajamas, and if that’s what makes your learning productive and your environment comfortable for you, then I think you should be able to wear pajamas.”


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Ailish Herrmann ('26) is a member of the Media Team of The Standard in Advanced Journalism.
Zoe Karibian, Media Team
Zoe Karibian ('26) is a member of the Media Team for The Standard in Advanced Journalism.

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