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Girls varsity volleyball increases its underclassmen recruitment

Seya Sawiris
Girls varsity volleyball players Goksu Manav (’27), Lily Rose (’26), Gemma Algard (’27) and Sana Ekroth (’26) are ready in position waiting for the other team to serve in a game against The American School of Paris. The game ended in a 2-1 loss for ASL Sept. 29.

This season, the number of Grade 9 and 10 athletes on girls varsity volleyball has surged in comparison to previous years. The team now consists of eight underclassmen and four upperclassmen. 

Girls varsity volleyball coach Alison Muthig said she is excited to both improve the team as a whole and develop the younger players’ skills to ensure a strong future.

“Of course, we want to see them be successful come tournament time,” Muthig said. “But really, I’m eager to develop these younger players so that the future is also successful.”

Additionally, Muthig said one of the advantages of having Grade 9 and 10 students on the team is that they are new to high school sports.

“[The freshmen] haven’t played high school sports at all since we’re a fall season sport,” Muthig said. “So they bring that fresh perspective to the season.”

Girls varsity volleyball player Gemma Algard (’27) said although she already knew a lot of her teammates going into the season, she is excited to bond with them and build team spirit.

I already knew most of the people going into tryouts because I played volleyball outside of school with them,” Algard said. “I know how big they are on team spirit so I can’t wait to get started and grow as a team.”

Furthermore, Lily Rose (’26) said their objective this year is to help the team develop a solid dynamic.

“Our goal is to work really well together and rebuild the team dynamic that was really strong last year,” Rose said.

Girls varsity volleyball captain Sara Khan (’24) said the age gap between players helps to strengthen the social dynamic of the team.

“Having this many lower classmen affects the team in a great way because I’m able to connect with other parts of the High School that I don’t necessarily always connect with,” Khan said. “I would say definitely it builds up the ASL volleyball program as a whole.”

To further her contribution to the team, Algard said she wants to work on bonding with her teammates.

“My biggest goal is to not only improve my volleyball skills but to also work on building a better connection with the team and bond with the upperclassmen,” Algard said.

Overall, Khan said she appreciates that she is able to grow closer with the underclassmen on the team.

“I am so grateful to have the opportunity to bond and connect with the younger grades,” Khan said.

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