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Hana Abdelmohsen Mohamed reflects on journey to J16 crew captain

Laila Taraporevala
Hana Abdelmohsen Mohamed (’26) helps pull up a boat trailer at the University of London Boat Club Sept. 18. The rowers completed set-up activities before they went out to the water.

Hana Abdelmohsen Mohamed (’26) did not know crew would become such a large part of her life until she came to the school. When Abdelmohsen arrived in Grade 9 she swam in the mornings for exercise, but after the winter season ended, her search for a new sport made her interested in joining the crew team. 

Abdelmohsen said the decision she made when choosing to be on the crew team “changed [her] life in every way it can” as it led her to find her passion.

“You can’t just dip your toe in, you have to get thrown in head first, straight under,” Abdelmohsen said. “It’s intense, in the best way possible, and I think mentally it prepares you for so much in your life.”

Abdelmohsen started swimming at three years old and said it helped to develop the skills she needed for crew.  

“I’ve been swimming forever,” Abdelmohsen said. “It’s an extremely competitive sport and it’s very fast-paced.”

At the start of every crew season, Abdelmohsen said team bonding is important because teamwork is integral to the sport.

“You’re immediately put into a boat with at least four other people that you either don’t know or are not as close with, but you create a relationship with them,” she said.

Furthermore, Abdelmohsen said building relationships is very easy in crew.

“It’s the team sport of all team sports,” Abdelmohsen said. “I was with three rowers during pre-season, and I did not know any of them but we already built a relationship after the first session.” 

Abdelmohsen said her extroverted personality caused her to go for the captain position where she is required to get to know the team and their experience.

“Part of being captain is communication and having a relationship with your teammates,” Abdelmohsen said. “Also, it is important to be a safe space where people can communicate how they truly feel.”

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Laila Taraporevala, Media Team
Laila Taraporevala ('26) is a member of the Media Team for The Standard in Advanced Journalism.

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